New Action MMOG EIN – Epicus Incognitus Launches Trailer

The new action MMO from INUCA Interactive, EIN – Epicus Incognitus, has launched its trailer at G-Star 2012. This next-gen game is team based, and full of action, bringing a new experience for RPG gamers, as this time it won’t be possible to go alone against the bosses of the game, nor go without an established strategy to beat them.

EIN takes you on a journey as one of multiple races with interactive minigames embedded into cutscenes, fast-paced action combat, and puzzles and monsters that will require teamwork and strategy rather than brute power to overcome. The game has exceptionally relistic graphics and features various action combos.

If you like games in which huge bosses and vehicle battles are the main features, and teamwork is essential, EIN is the game for you. Now check out the trailer below!