Runescape Powerleveling Guide Pyre Ships

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Pyre Ships are constructed to release the spirit of a Barbarian slain in battle, sending it to its final resting place. Making a pyre ship will help train crafting, fire and prayer.The knowledge of how to make a pyre ship is acquired during Barbarian Training.To make a pyre ship you will require a log, either a bow or a tinderbox, a woodcutting hatchet and some chewed bones. Chewed bones are obtained from mithril dragons within the runescape power levelingancient cavern. Make sure that you are using chewed bones and not mangled bones; both look identical, but if you use mangled bones a level 166 Barbarian Spirit will be released.

Once you have all the required items in your inventory, simply click “construct pyre site” to craft the pyre ship and send the barbarian on its way.As a reward for setting the spirit free, it will leave an item behind for you, which if you are lucky, might even be the highly sought after dragon full helm.A prayer bonus is also given for releasing the spirit. The type of log you used will determine how many bones you can bury afterwards that will receive a 300% exp increase. When you bury a bone with the 300% boost a message will appear in your chat screen.

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