Harmony Island was once a peaceful island inhabited by monks

Harmony Island was once a peaceful island inhabited by monks, yet now it is overrun with Zombie pirates. It is found near Mos’Le Harmless and only accessible during and after The Great Brain Robbery. Players can travel here by being teleported by the monk Brother Tranquility, who is located just off the docks on Mos Le’Harmless. Low level players should beware, as there are level fifty and above zombie pirates staggering around outside.

The island contains a Farming allotment patch and a mill. After completing Deadliest Catch, a bank deposit box appears along the western shore. This island is covered in a strange green poisonous gas after a certain point in the quest. runescape gold. To travel outside you will need your Fishbowl Helmet and Diving Apparatus. After finishing the quest the gas disappears.

Although it is run by monks and has its own chapel, this island does not have a prayer altar. There are no Summoning Obeliskson the island.

Events with known dates 9th to 15th centuries

9th to 15th centuries

800-1000: The kingdom of Asgarnia was founded in this time.

900-1000 (approx.): The government of Avarrocka changed to a monarchy during this period, but the precise date is unknown. It may have been the creation of the Monarchy when the city was renamed Varrock, but it could also have been the start of the Fifth Age or the “official” founding of Misthalin. The Dwarves discover that the God Wars have ended and begin to resurface.

69: After large human settlements were able to defend themselves, the Battle of Plain of Mud takes place between goblin tribes. It is believed that this took place in the middle of the Age, probably between 869 and 1269.

1169: 16th Ritual of Rejuvenation takes place. Mahjarrat Lamistard is sacrificed.
1100-1200: Many dark creatures from Morytania attacked Misthalin, especially Avarrocka. Seven priestly warriors defeated them and blessed the River Salve, making it impassable to creatures of Zamorak.

1225: Bilrach the Mahjarrat, along with his followers, began his descent into Daemonheim.

It can be a very slow process and may not prove worth the time


Confined to a small room, Salarin the Twisted is an evil druid who is located in the Yanille Agility Dungeon. One will need level 67 Agility to gain access to his hideout. Salarin is immune to all forms of attack—melee, Ranged, Magic—except strike spells. Salarin is found amongst Chaos druids, who are also good for collecting herbs while waiting for him to spawn. Every now and then, Salarin will drop a Sinister key, which opens the chest in the room just past the entrance with the balancing ledge. Whenever you open the chest, you will receive: 1 Torstol, 2 Harralander, 3 Ranarr, 1 Kwuarm, 1 Irit, and 1 Avantoe. Although this may seem like a good method, it can be a very slow process and may not prove worth the time.

Scroll of Cleansing

After obtaining the Scroll of Cleansing as a Dungeoneering reward there will be a 1 in 8 chance that you will make potions twice as fast, and a 1 in 10 chance that you will save the secondary ingredient of a mixed potion so if you are a fan of Dungeoneering this is a good way to save on time and costs.


Herblore gloves, when worn, increase the drop rate of the specific herb your glove represents by 50% when fighting a monster that drops multiple types of herbs. These gloves can be obtained as a reward from Fist of Guthix and will crumble to dust after 100 such drops.

Picture Name Requirements
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Irit gloves 50 Herblore
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Avantoe gloves 60 Herblore
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Kwuarm gloves 70 Herblore
Zybez RuneScape Help's Image Cadantine gloves 80 Herblore

A Slayer is someone who is assigned to slay

Players are assigned tasks that require them to travel to areas around RuneScape to kill various monsters. Some monsters require special equipment, such as earmuffs for Banshees. Otherwise, players will find it difficult, if not impossible, to kill certain creatures.

The tasks given out by Slayer masters are usually relevant to the player’s combat level and skill level. There are currently 7 slayer masters located around RuneScape.

All Slayer masters sell enchanted gems that allow players to contact their Slayer Master to ask for tips, where the monsters are located, and how many monsters are left to kill. The gems cannot be used to get a new assignment; for that, the player must see a master in person, or by casting the NPC Contact spell in the Lunar spellbook. An alternative to the gem is a Slayer ring, which functions in the same way as the enchanted gem (and can also tell Slayer reward points), or by wearing a Combat bracelet that contains at least 1 charge left. After the charges are gone, players will not receive any more updates that would otherwise occur every 10 kills.

A Ferocious ring obtained by killing any monsters inside Kuradal’s Dungeon allows a teleport to Kuradal using up one of 5 charges of the ring. This is very useful as it prevents having to pass Brutal green dragons (level 128) and Waterfiends (level 154) on the way. This also allows the use of a summoning familiar pre-summoned as jumping into the waterfall does not allow this. Another way to access the dungeon is to use the new fairy ring (Code BJQ) that was added when Kuradal was added to the game. The new fairy ring must be activated by using five bittercap mushrooms with the ring while having a spade in your inventory.

If players receive an assignment they do not wish to do, Turael in Taverley can give players an easier assignment if the current, unwanted assignment is something that Turael does not also assign. For example, if Vannaka assigns a player banshees, then Turael cannot change their task, as he also assigns Banshees. However, if the number given is far greater than Turael would normally give, it is possible to change the player’s task. For example, if Duradel assigns 140 or more Kalphite, then Turael will change this for another task (or a lower amount of Kalphite, randomly). However, it is not advised to do so because players will lose their streak of Slayer points. Under normal circumstances, players would use their points to change their task if they did not like it. The higher level Slayer masters tend to give more difficult assignments. The masters are shown on the world map with a skull icon ().

Variations of monsters count towards some Slayer assignments, e.g., if a player has been assigned to kill blue dragons, they may instead slay baby blue dragons and still receive Slayer experience. Since the amount of experience received is based on the monster’s lifepoints, there are advantages (and disadvantages) to slaying the assignment with the most Lifepoints. The experience rate for slayer experience is around 15-100k per hour, depending on your gear, slayer task, use of prayers and use of dwarf multicannon.

Killing Summoning familiars will not count towards a player’s task. If a player kills any monster which they have been assigned inside a player-owned house, they will receive the message, “Monsters inside a player-owned house do not count towards your slayer target.”

An update on 9 June 2009 made it impossible to get the same Slayer task twice in a row, after players complained of getting the same Slayer assignment multiple times.

Summoning familiars that assist the player during combat in multi-combat areas do not interfere with a Slayer task. The familiars will attack monsters that the player attacks and can damage them, but the monster’s death counts towards the player’s assignment even if the familiar delivers the deathblow. Using a familiar also bestows an advantage in that the monster will occasionally divert its attention from a player to instead attack the familiar. This can increase an individual’s “staying time.” If the familiar is relatively weak in relation to the target monsters, the familiar can be killed, which can be a nuisance if a player is counting on its abilities.

Another, more common use of Summoning familiars is to bring a Beast of Burden to store extra food or potions, or a Bunyip to heal the player regularly for 20 lifepoints.

The items may sell for more gold than what you offered

Visit the RuneScape Grand Exchange in northwest Varrock to sell your items for gold. You’ll reach a million gold pieces faster if you sell ores unsmithed, gems uncut and herbs uncleaned. To make a faster sale, offer your items for the lowest price. The items may sell for more gold than what you offered if the buyer makes a higher offer. If you sell items such as dragonhide armor, steel bars, ranarr weed and seeds, and rune armor, weapons and shields, you’ll make millions of gold pieces very quickly. However, you can get a quarter to half a million gold by selling lower value items such as arrows, ores, runes and bolts.

Many RuneScape players feel that making gold in the game is a very difficult task. If you know where to look for valuable items and have a way to check item prices, you can easily tell worthless items apart from items that will make you a RuneScape millionaire.
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Free runescape gold Guide on Spells

This is the free Runescape guide talking on spells using. If you are new players who have just step into this game, you should better read this guide carefully.If you want to use spells in Runescape, you must have a certain level of magic skill first. There are several types of spells and spellbooks available in the game. So what the relationship between spells and spellbooks? Well, if you want to use a spell, you would first have the spellbook active. If you don’t know that, please take it into your mind.Among the several spells, the combat spell is the most popular one. But the main purpose of all the spells is to deal damage to the enemy.

For those players who want to use ranged attack and magic at the same time, they would certainly choose the combat spells. This is why this type of spells is a great choice.To increase magic damage to your enemy, you have many choices of different boosts, and they are represented by various potions. Here you must pay attention that even if you do not deal any damage to the enemy with the particular spell the rune you have used will till be consumed. This would not much good for you, but at the other hand, if you deal damage you will receive some experience points, which is important for you to level up fast.There is another group of spells also has great effect on the combat process. It is because that a cursed enemy has lower chances of dealing damage or defending, curse spells are very useful for you. And at the same time, different types of curses could affect enemy’s skills by simply lowering their effect.The teleportation spell is also an important spell type in therunescape gold, which allows you to transport themselves to different locations. And the most important thing is that it takes only seconds to teleport.

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