Events with known dates 9th to 15th centuries

9th to 15th centuries

800-1000: The kingdom of Asgarnia was founded in this time.

900-1000 (approx.): The government of Avarrocka changed to a monarchy during this period, but the precise date is unknown. It may have been the creation of the Monarchy when the city was renamed Varrock, but it could also have been the start of the Fifth Age or the “official” founding of Misthalin. The Dwarves discover that the God Wars have ended and begin to resurface.

69: After large human settlements were able to defend themselves, the Battle of Plain of Mud takes place between goblin tribes. It is believed that this took place in the middle of the Age, probably between 869 and 1269.

1169: 16th Ritual of Rejuvenation takes place. Mahjarrat Lamistard is sacrificed.
1100-1200: Many dark creatures from Morytania attacked Misthalin, especially Avarrocka. Seven priestly warriors defeated them and blessed the River Salve, making it impassable to creatures of Zamorak.

1225: Bilrach the Mahjarrat, along with his followers, began his descent into Daemonheim.