Harmony Island was once a peaceful island inhabited by monks

Harmony Island was once a peaceful island inhabited by monks, yet now it is overrun with Zombie pirates. It is found near Mos’Le Harmless and only accessible during and after The Great Brain Robbery. Players can travel here by being teleported by the monk Brother Tranquility, who is located just off the docks on Mos Le’Harmless. Low level players should beware, as there are level fifty and above zombie pirates staggering around outside.

The island contains a Farming allotment patch and a mill. After completing Deadliest Catch, a bank deposit box appears along the western shore. This island is covered in a strange green poisonous gas after a certain point in the quest. runescape gold. To travel outside you will need your Fishbowl Helmet and Diving Apparatus. After finishing the quest the gas disappears.

Although it is run by monks and has its own chapel, this island does not have a prayer altar. There are no Summoning Obeliskson the island.