And so concludes our history of Easter in RuneScape

In April 2002, the first ever Easter drop was released. To those lucky enough to receive it, players were granted with an Easter egg, an edible item which restored 12 Hit points. This is the only tradeable Easter drop in RuneScape, and it currently stands at the price of 5.5 million gold pieces.

After the Santa hat drop of December 2002, Jagex chose to make all future holiday drops untradeable. RS 2007 Gold. This meant that the April 2003 Easter drop would be the first non-tradeable holiday item. Modelled after the famous Easter Bunny himself, Bunny ears were released into the game. While fashionable and slightly silly, these Bunny ears gave players a nice little adornment for their head. Most importantly, if ever lost, they can be easily redeemed from the Varrock clothes store.

Unfortunately, April 2004 was a sadly uneventful Easter. For whatever reason, the Easter Bunny was unable to make his annual visit to RuneScape. Nobody knows why Jagex decided not to provide and Easter drop during this year, but I speculate that it was because of the very recent release of RS2.

We move on to April 2005, when a new fad swept across RuneScape. Jagex had done it again; they released a new holiday item with a fun little twist. This year players had to help the Easter Bunny deliver eggs to the citizens of RuneScape in order to receive a fabulous?Rubber chicken? Yes, that?s right; a Rubber chicken that players could use to smack each other silly, as well as perform the well know Chicken Dance.RuneScape Gold.

Easter of 2006 brought along a very interesting treat indeed. After players helped the Easter Bunny fix his plot to use hypnotized bunnies to deliver the eggs, they would receive an Easter ring and the ?Bunny Hop? emote. This Easter ring allowed players to turn into one of many different egg types, very similar to the ring of stone (but far more exciting).

Just last year, Jagex seemed to fly off the handle a bit, and released a new crazy scheme of the Easter Bunny?s. Trying to cut corners, he ordered magical chocolate bunnies capable of delivering themselves, but instead made a mistake on the order and received magical chocolate kebbits! It was up to the players to bring these Kebbits home, as well as the precious rabbit mould. RuneScape 2007 Gold. The helpful adventurers received a Chicken suit consisting of four pieces, as well as an enhanced ?Flap? emote.

And so concludes our history of Easter in RuneScape. What the future may bring, who is to know? However, even with the standard Jagex has set itself, we can all be sure Jagex will do their very best to make it just as exciting as those before.