Glass is a members only part of the crafting skill in RuneScape

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Glass is a members-only part of the crafting skill. You will need the following:A glassblowing pipe. They can be obtained from various places, including respawn points on Entrana and in Hemenster or the stores in Dorgesh-Kaan and the Piscatoris Fishing Colony.

Buckets of sand. There are sand pits in Yanille, Rellekka, Dorgesh-Kaan, in the Lost City of Zanaris and on Entrana. Use an empty bucket with a sand pit to get a bucket of sand. If you complete the Hand in the Sand quest, you can get 84 buckets of sand a day delivered to your bank free of charge if you talk to Bert in person or via the NPC Contact spell.

Soda ash is made by burning seaweed (or possibly swamp weed) on a range or fire (with no experience in any skill). There are a number of seaweed spawning on Entrana, Waterbirth Island, near the Rock Crabs in Rellekka and on Karamja. Seaweed can also be fished using a big net. There are two quick spawns inside the Piscatoris Fishing Colony.

Arhein, the general-store owner in Catherby, will sell eighty per day to each player. Simply talk to him and ask about buying seaweeds. They cost 2 coins each.The supply will remain 80 on each day even though the previous purchase in the day before may not empty the stock. When you have all of the ingredients, use a bucket of sand and soda ash in a furnace to create molten glass.

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