Guide to runescape’s and free trade

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What is the wilderness all about?

The farther a player ventures into the wilderness, the more dangerous the area becomes. The risks posed by higher-level monsters in the deep wilderness pale in comparison to the waves of player-killers who regularly roam the area. Venturing into the wilderness used to be the only way to obtain rare and valuable runite ore and a good way to avoid competition for ore at the most heavily used mithril, adamantite and coal mines.

Wilderness survival

One of my favourite games to play in runescape gold used to be the wilderness survival run. Armed with nothing but a tinderbox, a bronze hatchet and one of the many online maps of the wilderness, I would set off into the north with a few friends. The goal of a survival run is to do as much as possible without leaving the wilderness or being killed. By buying at times in the week when demand is low or supply is high, you can reliably shave a few runescape gold off the price. By reselling the items later in the week or starting up a supply shop on the forum for large orders, you can make a tidy profit on this weekly cycle. Some items even vary in price during the day depending on when sellers get online to push their wares. A huge number of players have opened trade stores on the official forum, which is something Jagex was definitely hoping would return.


The wilderness can be a scary and dangerous place, but it’s one of RuneScape’s most unique features. With the return of wilderness PvP, we’ve seen a revival of some fantastic emergent gameplay like survival games. The resurgence in free trade has been equally dramatic, giving business-minded players the tools they need to make a profit. So don’t hesitate anymore, and you can trade with us face to face in the game to buy runescape gold instead of telling us the game account and password.