Tool belt to include runescape

I have read alot of feedback on the loadstones and toolbelt and I’m wondering what the community thinks about being able to add the transportation runes to the toolbelt and requiring some of them everytime you use a loadstone? No other runes could be added to the toolbelt just the ones required in transporting through the loadstone network. I think this would be a good way to attach a small cost to using them and it not be inconvient. Once the runes are added they cannot be removed and would be depleted and need refilling.

Well even though I appreciate the feedback so far, I did not create this thread to make a “big deal” about the recent update, I created the thread as an idea on how to use the toolbelt with the loadstones, the whole purpose of the law rune is to move around, I appreciate all methods of transportation that are in game atm, but all methods except loadstones cost you something, an item, runes, time spent questing or doing achievements. I think the reason they didn’t use law runes with the loadstones is they were trying to make moving around easier without using inventory slots and that was also before the toolbelt was even developed.

This thread was created with an idea to associate a cost to using loadstones thus ensuring demand for the common transportation runes while also using the convenience of the toolbelt so as to achieve the purpose of the transportation without using inventory slots. Simple as that, not gripping…not making a big deal, just trying to make another avenue for players to build wealth instead of basically the only way currently of combat, in my opinion making a demand for the basic transportation runes would only help the game and associate a cost that is already acceptable but with the convenience of using the toolbelt.