Suggestions for the economy

~The Problem~
Okay, I’ve been playing for years and years, nearing on a 10 year veteran, and I noticed that the best time for the runescape economy was 2008-2010 era. Inflation is running rampant in the current game, and there need to be strides made to hault it’s progress.

~The Solution~
A while ago, there a forum discussion on in-game gambling. Jagex has finally taken action against the gamblers, and I applaud their efforts, but there was also a discussion on whether or not to include NPC hosted gambling. Jagex agreed that there was a desire for that sort of “high risk gameplay” but never pursued it. The reason the economy flourished from 2008-2010 was not only due to limited trade, but there were abundant money sinks and item sinks. (Ex: Bounty Hunter, PvP worlds, etc.)
An NPC hosted gambling system would be the perfect money sink, and could even include an item sink, if you were allowed to bet items.

~The Logistics~

There could be an NPC (My favorite would be the merchant over by Baxtorian Falls) located somewhere in a populated area of the game. (EX: Grand Exchange, Varrock square, Fally park, etc.) And this NPC would have a clear 60/40 advantage over the player. The bets could be capped with a minimum and maximum bet, with the player allowed to bet their items and gold. The display could be a random number generator, like dicing, in which an outcome below 60 would end in a win for the NPC, and an outcome above 60 would result in a win for the player.

In Conclusion

An update like this would be an amazing gold sink, keeping runescape gold valuable, as well as a great item sink, making it worthwhile once again to hunt a visage, or go back to the godwars dungeon. Things that have become devalued and inefficient.

I appreciate your time in reading, and if you agree that this is a necessary game update, please help me pass it up the chain to Jagex Mods.