Runescpae Blue/Red zarosians

I am a proud Red Zarosian. Hold on, and I will copy/paste my reasons from another thread.

EDIT: (I changed a little from my original post.)


1. Saradomin is just as responsible as Zamorak for the Zarosian Genocide.It was a team effort.

2. Soran, emissary to Zaros, has proven that Zaros does not seek revenge, or war if it can be avoided. I need not be bitter about Zamorak’s past. We cannot change what happened.

3. Saradomin is a hypocrite who preaches peace and order, yet goes to war at every given opportunity, just because he can. Zamorak will at least tell us the truth about what he wants.

4. I can actually see the truth behind Zamorak’s ideals. He preaches that chaos is necessary for growth and the achievement of power. If it were not for hardships, we could never learn from them.

5. Saradomin wants to banish all other gods, including Zaros. Zamorak does not threaten this. He NEEDS other gods to rule with him, or else he has total control, and there is no chaos at all in control.

and, 6. I just liked the look of his rewards better. This is not the most important reason to me, but if I am going to have to support a god that I do not follow anyways, they better give me neat stuff.

This is a thread for Zarosians to discuss which god Zarosians should support in the battle of lumbridge event. Let me just lay a few ground rules.

1. Know at least a little lore. Having a Zamorak = evil/saradomin = good opinion just shows you have not read lore.
2. Followers of other gods may post, but if you are a saradominist or a zamorakian, please state it so that others may see what biases you have.
3. All forum rules apply.

I’ll start.

I think we should follow Zamorak. Not only does this prevent a lot of would be Zarosian followers from being killed, it also eliminates the worse evil and the one with more power. Although we may have a grudge against Zamorak, it is not the way of Zaros to seek revenge over what otherwise is the better plan.

I’m a Runescape 3 Gold and I suggest you join Zamorak. Why join Zamorak? Think what your best chance is for your empty lord to come back into power, have two weakened gods or have an overly powerful Saradomin as an opponent. Regardless of how you may feel about Zamorak the smart choice is to do away with the larger threat. Much in the way many of the empty lords followers switched over to Zamorak the opposite can be true should Zaros become relevant again so having Zamorak with a stronger following than Saradomin is another plus. Ideally I’d want the gods to do away with eachother but at the same time that fits both our agendas since for that to happen other gods need a fighting chance.

The quarrel of lumbridge

This ”battle” as you call it is hardly a battle.
You said you’ve increased the number of npc’s on the battlefield but I stil only see one or two at any given time running towards the enemy camp to get one-shotted.

For some reason the npc’s also show 10k HP but as soon as a Runescape Gold player attacks them this happens to be only 5k hp..

– Add more warriors
– Make them spawn faster
– Make them moderate aggresive ( attacking any1 that has been attacking their warriors for a while )
– Stop making them suicidal idiots
– and for the love of god, if you’re going to add the new units we’re able to choose from dont make them walk into the other camp to get one-shotted

The zamorakian return

Greetings one and all,

As many of you will know, the Zamorakians are slowly falling further and further behind in terms of numbers (even if the percentage difference remains around the same/improves). Having talked to numerous Runescape 3 Gold players in-game however, I have largely found that the reason for this is not due to any allegiance to Saradomin from the players currently supporting him, but still due to the misconception that, by being on the winning team they will somehow gain extra rewards. In fact, the most recent group I spoke to had initially started on Zamorak’s side, but quickly changed to Saradomin in fear of missing out on rewards!

Given this, I feel that perhaps the best chance Zamorak has of coming back in this war is simply in the supporters of Zamorak educating the large portion of the player base in this fact, and then supplying the required argument to convert them.

Now, as I have said I have spoken to a number of Saradominists, and of course simply informing them that they will not gain extra rewards does not make them wish to change sides, largely due to the fact they would lose their renown. In the below posts I will cover the potential type of players, and a number of reasons as to why each should join Zamorak.


1.1 – Introduction
1.2 – The Lore Fanatic
1.3 – The Reward-oriented
1.4 – What can Zamorakians Do?

The Lore Fanatic:

Clearly, in the situation that the person you are speaking to is in fact a devote Saradominist, I would recommend not attempting to convert them, and allowing them to continue with their allegience. However, for any supporters of the other gods (or even the Godless), there are benefits in following Zamorak.

1) Zamorak does not wish to expel the other Gods from this realm, as Saradomin does, but simply to do as he preaches and seek power, allowing his followers to develop and grow in strength.

“Saradomin is the one true god. This is his world, and he will watch over us all. He wants us to be safe. He will banish all other gods, so we can live on his world in peace – and in his glory!”
-Julienne, Emissary of Saradomin

Of course for any of the other god followers, this is beneficial.

2) Zamorak is not currently, as far as we are aware, in control of any Elder Items, whilst Saradomin has his crown. As such, in addition to Saradomin’s wishes to expel the other gods, this places Saradomin as a far larger threat to the other gods. If Saradomin wins with such a large margin as he currently appears to be going to, he will be as strong as ever, while at least if we start closing the gap he will be weakened, if not killed. In such a way it is beneficial for the Godless as well, in that they will have far less to deal with if both are weakened/killed, or if Zamorak comes out victorious.

3) For Zarosians who still hold Zamorak’s betrayal against him, it is even stated that Zaros does not seek revenge on him.

“Who am I to say what Zaros wants? His goals are beyond my and your understanding. But know this: he does not seek petty revenge or endless war.”
-Soran, Emissary of Zaros

Thus, it is far more logical for Zarosians to remove the larger of threats to Zaros and his return, that being Saradomin.

4) Serenists/Armadylians, and simply anyone fearing Zamorak’s chaotic ways, although Saradomin speaks of order, this is purely applicable to those under his reign. As seen with the Naragi, those who chose not to side with Saradomin, however peaceful and unthreatening they appear, will be swiftly and brutally crushed. Saradomin has been as bad if not worse than Zamorak.

How will it work Divination

I believe that it isn’t just Guthix’s energy we will harvest, but the residual energy of the very presence of gods on Gielinor. This residual energy gathers into node spots that we will be able to harvest.

I think it will be something like the RuneSpan. I can imagine us, having these crystals in our inventory that we get to fill with energy from nodes, and they effectively become batteries. I also believe divination will double as an enchanting skill and we will be able to turn these crystals into enchantments we can equip in our pocket slot, offering experience, yield and combat boosts.

I’d love for a randomised minigame in the enchantment aspect just to be different. For example, you are presented with a web with a dozen or two “nodes”. You have to connect these up in such a way that lines of certain colours do not cross in order to create the enchantment.

Just to take the Runescape 2007 Gold game away from the clicking, unimaginative aspect that is all other skills.

I think it’s quite fair to assume that Divination resources will be used in the new skill, but I don’t believe the two will go hand in hand, based on everything I’ve read. I remember a quote saying that initially, the two skills were not going to be related, but they changed their minds, thus I believe Divination will be a gathering skill with production elements. Let’s not also forget that it supposedly is a gathering skill, but so much more.

I would hate to be able to gather all these resources and not be able to use them until later in the year/next year.

The runescape return

I’m sure Zaros would love a partly decayed body. I will tie my theory into another: Imagine if Zaros’ return is based around Sliske being the host, where there will be a world event to decide whether Sliske acts as Zaros’ host or not.

After listening to the recent podcast, we hear from Osborne that Zaros’ return may be a choice, weather that be a personal or a community choice wasn’t specified..but I find it highly unfair.

Why? because two major gods have returned already, and we could do nothing to stop or aid that, why should Zaros have the chance to be halted in his tracks?

If it’s a personal choice, I can just about live with such a thing, but really, if the gods are going to start returning, wouldn’t it be best for all the runescape gold to come back without choice so every single Player can meet and see their gods after all these years of waiting and speculating?

It’s also mentioned that Zaros just isn’t floating, he’s plotting, he’s being smart, his only obsticle to returning is a body, a body is no issue, it has to be one of great power to hold his soul yes? and who do we know that has recently died and whose corpse has vanished with no trace?….Hint hint..

But I digress, If you’re going to make Zaros’ return a choice, Make it like temple of Ikov, you may choose to give him the staff or not, but either way, he gets it, why? Because it was a major plot point, just as the gods are.

Just a note, please don’t start any god arguments, this is purely on Zaros and what was discussed during the recent podcast.

f I understood it correctly, the main thing they were saying is that they see Zaros as a character that is better suited to quest content than a World Event.

As much as I’d like to see Zaros return, I have to agree that there is so much more story to him that is yet to be discovered that it would be a shame to waste it all by just throwing him out in the world for the sake of having him there.

I think his return IS inevitable, but, it being a Quest and all, some people may not *want* to bring him back, so the player has some degree of choice in that matter. However, to the question “will he come back” (in my humble opinion), the answer is yes. At least, that is what I understood from the podcast.

Runescape metal fragments

Hey I’m just wondering if there will be a way to get metal fragments after the event. In the FAQ it says that only emotes and titles will be dicontinued.

Also, I’m wondering if the world events after this one will use similar mechanics, of killing soldiers to get fragments and broken part to make cosmetic override. I want to know because when school starts there is no way I can’t play enough to get 3k fragments. So I’m thinking of saving up the fragments for a decent cosmetic override, since you can bank them.

Can a Jmod please answer?

There most likely will be.This is the only the first World Event.So in the next one you will probably be able to get them from goblins,Aviansies,Godless humans,bandits,elves or dogs(?).

As to other World Events,they’ll probably be different hopefully using constructive feedback from this one but may function relatively the same way as this one.

Wanted sacred metal fragments

Faction soldiers spawn rate, location and movement pattern has been changed, and thus front-door camping has been fixed.

Thank you Jagex.

Now we still have one more problem.

This has led to more people actively seeking out the factions soldiers, trying to kill them for sacred metal fragments, which still makes it hard and frustrating for people to gain their sacred metal fragments.

I suggest making the sacred metal fragments a 100% drop. I think this is the best you could do with the battlefield at hand.

In future World Battles, however, I think you should defenitely take the route of having a larger, less graphically intensive battlefield, with more soldiers running about than in the current one, but not having the sacred metal fragment (or if something like that will exist in the future) as a 100% drop.

Lag and more lag

I dont see any graphics diffrence was totally bummed out i got teleported away from fish guild, the lag was killing me iv played for 30 minutes now i cannot stand it anymore!!!!

* too much lag every 10 seconds i lag
* their is too much junk above the chat screen ruining the view of the world
* the chats are now totally ruined i used to liek all 3 chats in 1 chat box now i have to switch inbetween chats
* i hate the see through windows (example in the bank or back pack)
* all the options (windows) are buttons under more buttons its all too much button

and again i see no graphics diffrence i just got a lot more lag and a lot more junk on my screen, and the freaking lag is killing me!! and i dont care about your gods i dont care about them shards in backpack i just wanna fish my sharks without lagging so freaking much!!

this is costing me Runescape Money , real money i pay to play and now i dont wanna play cause of the lag do we get lost days back? and jagex send me a mail when u fixed the issues why bother me with this beta junk iam not a guiniue pig!! put old rs2 back into place and then fix rs3

Stay up all night world runescape events

I have decided to stay up all night in anticipation for the Battle of Lumbridge to kick off. I was hoping that other lore fanatics had any interest in doing this as well. We could set up an FC to talk in, discuss lore, and organize ourselves in preparation. Maybe we could meet up on an agreed upon world, next to the portal. The one problem with me organizing this and the FC is that I am currently stuck in Ghorrock, which causes me to crash upon log in. Any volunteers to set up the FC? I am hoping for a bug fix soon, so that I may finish ROTM in time (most likely no bug fix in time), and chat in the FC.

I don’t honestly think the world event this week will live up to our expectations in a sense of long it’ll take to complete.

I have a sinking feeling it’ll be 20-30 minutes at most if we take our time…

It may seem like alot to some but for this much hype and how much it’ll determine certain choices, I really want to be there all day and be submerged..not to be left saddened it took next to no time..

I think there will be things you can do for an unlimited amount of time.

And according to one of the mods from the most recent BTS there’s a lot to do in RS 3 Gold. So I think it will be more than 20-30 minutes. But I think it still won’t live up to my expectations since I expect a lot from this updates. And the last update I felt this excited about was kinda disappointing too (God emissaries).

Gimme a god worthy of followin

I can’t make up my mind regarding which one to choose.

Zaros the Empty Lord. Facepalm. Thats the best u could come up with? For those that say he gave us curses + nex sets, not true, he may have gotten curses but the nex sets were obtained by killing his general Nex(who wants to tear us apart every time- not very friendly).Got taken out by Zammy (yeah with luck, but still makes him unworthy of following). As they say, a god that can’t take care of itself/himself aint worthy of following 😛 What can he do for me if he can’t even look out after himself hahaa? So zaros not an option.

Armadyl. I dont like aviansies (actually I mute my volume for arma boss too, only time i ever mute rs). Just seems like a lesser version of sara to me with respect to his beliefs.

Seren- I hear she avoids fighting at all costs!? Then naah =) I like peace and “good” but if it means take up arms, then so be it!

Bandos… plz… does he even have one follower? One of the coolest symbols, but the most dumb and ******** and selfish one around. + we kinda beat him in that quest, so why should I bow to him?

Godless… Lame logo, lame emissary.

Zammy… all evil .. hell nah and destroy the beautiful wilderness too </3

Sara. Always seemed good, but recently he seems very … selfish in a way. He’s wise and “good” but seems cocky. And after guthix gave me some powers, sara couldn’t even tele me away like he did with nex and char. Even then, when teleing them away as they stood in attack stance, sara was like “B**** please.” Yup, the 5 letter b word (female dog). ****yyy. So if I can resist him etc, why folo (bow to) him.

Guthix… ah… u may appear as a sheep but I would prefer u over godless or seren. Was pretty badass the way u cast them gods out before

If I didn’t have to bow and folo a particular Runescape Gold, i would NEVER, but if I had to ALLY, then it’s different =)

I do want to… if only they had guthix’s logo or jsut a better logo in general lol. thinking i mite go sara or seren or zaros but then again, don’t want to cuz of reasons mentioned above :/ but i would rather take them over bandos, zammy etc.

but godless hmmm, not bad