Runescape a traveler memory lodestone

While I feel like Lodes are a great low level thing to just make life easier and not be overly annoying for people who haven’t done a buttload of quests yet and still want to enjoy their members by exploring areas and doing activities, this idea sounds fun and fair. I don’t see many low levels using a certain lode more often then 3 times a day for the most part so, sure.

Players have always debated whether lodestones should be in the runescape gold game or whether they should have restrictions. While I agree that they’ve been quite convenient and rather useful, I can’t help but notice how often I use them over a normal teleport. Today’s update introduced 7 new lodestones into the game, and as a result, many players are concerned about where the game is headed.

I personally feel the lodestones should remain in the game, however, if possible I would rather there be restrictions in how a player unlocks them. I’ve come up with a possible solution that could at least be considered. I could care less if stays the same though.

First off, all players will have access to 4 main lodestones: Varrock, Lumbridge, Falador, and Burthorpe. Next, a new mini-quest will be added to the game which will allow players to dwelve into the past to learn how lodestones were made. You would look at memories similar to those in Rune Mysteries and learn how the wizards first developed the lodestone network. The final step would be creating each lodestone by meeting certain requirements.

For certain lodestones, you will need to complete a task set to gain permission to begin creation of its lodestone. The more of the task set you complete the more you are able to use it.

Task Set Rewards

Easy Task completion: Three times a day.
Medium Task completion: Five times a day.
Hard Task Completion: Ten times a day.
Elite Task Completion: Unlimited.

Task Set Lodestones

Varrock Diary Set: Edgeville
Falador Diary Set: Port Sarim
Lumbirdge and Draynor Diary Set: Draynor
Desert Diary Set: Al Kahrid
Morytania Diary Set: Canifis
Full Completion of the Tutorial: Taverly
Seer’s Diary Set: Catherby; Seer’s Village
Ardounge Diary Set: Ardougne; Yanille
Freminnik Diary Set: Rellekka
Karamja Diary Set: Karamja

Quests Lodestones

The Following would require a certain amount of law runes as well as a magic level.

Completion of A First Resort: Oo’glog
Complettion of Regicide: Elf Lands
Completion of Lunar Diplomacy: Lunar Isle
Completion of Desert Treasure: Bandit Camp
Completion of Eagel’s Peak (Quest): Eagle’s Peak
Completion of Spirit of Summer: Wilderness

As for lodestones that are not in a task set area, they would require a certain quest as well as a high magic requirement and perhaps a payment of runes.

Completing these task sets and quests already make your character well liked by the people in said areas. The more trusted you are by the people, the more likely you can create and use a device of great magical power in their near by area. Otherwise you would be unable to do so as they will have rejected this nature of magic.

Great ideas… if it had been originally implemented this way. I think it’s a lot harder to add restrictions to something after people have been able to use them restriction-free (especially for this long). Not to say it’s not possible to add them, I just feel there would be more backlash than gratitude for it.

Also, even before lodestones, I always stuck to free or rechargeable teleports. But that’s just my personal preference and I know others see it differently.