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Most recent Game Update(s): Vorago: High-Level Boss Fight

Hello and welcome to my 143rd edition of Game Update Questions?
If you have never visited or heard of my thread, then you are most probably wondering what this thread is all about. Well, to cut a long story short, I have volunteered to make a thread for fellow players just like you to post questions on here about the most recent runescape gold game update, in hope that the developer of the update can answer as many of them as possible.

When an update is released into the game, I try my best to experience the update for myself so I have a good enough understanding of the update. This means I will be able to pick out the most important questions that people would really like a response to.

Whilst this is one of the best places to ask questions in the hope they will get answered, I cannot guarantee that every question will be answered. It’s up to the developer which questions get answered, after all.

All you have to do is read the set of questions posted below, and if you have a question different to the one already asked, then go ahead and ask it!

This thread will be made every week as soon as the update is brought out (when I’m able to that is).

If you have any questions or you are stuck on what to do, don’t hesitate to either ask myself on this thread or in-game if I’m on!

So without further ado, post away!

Questions – Vorago

1) Is the Tectonic Armour classed as ‘Power Armour’? Will we eventually get a Level 90 Magic ‘Tank Armour’?

2) Why do the graphics in Vorago’s cave look so polygonal? It seems to lend the area a rather ‘unfinished’ quality.

3) I see that you’ve continued the trend with dual wielding for level 90 weapons. How soon can we expect two-handed level 90 weapons, such as staves, shortbows, and mauls?

4) Why does the level 90 armour degrade to dust, especially with a starting price as high as it is? Very few people would ever be able to argue that the cost justifies the bonuses even if boss killing with it.

5) Do you have any plans to add the Tank/DPS loot system to other bosses or make it at least optional?

6) Who sealed Vorago and why?

7) How long does the Tectonic armour last?

8) Did the Elder Gods create Vorago or is he a by-product of the Anima Mundi?

9) How old is Vorago?

10) Will we see Vorago in future content?

11) How were living rock creatures born and how are they connected to Vorago?

12) Is Relina Vyrel, the Portal expert, Abbess Benita’s identical twin sister?

13) What is the weapon to which Vorago refers?

14) Vorago is awesome! Will we get more bosses as challenging and complicated as Vorago in the near future?

15) Why you didn’t release level 90 magic boots and gloves with Vorago? They would’ve fitted well as a drop from Vorago on the basis of both mechanics and appearance.

16) Will other existing bosses get more complicated mechanics? Older bosses simply do not feel like bosses anymore, compared to newer bosses like Vorago.

17) Seeing that the latest bosses have been for high-level players, could we get bosses for lower levels? Low-level bosses could attract people to bossing community, make lower level combat more interesting and encourage players to master EoC combat tactics.

18) Is the Maul of Omens an Elder Artefact or just a very strong weapon?