So this just happened

I was chinning on Ape Atoll. Fifteen minutes after I start, the Mysterious Old Man appears and shoves his Strange Box into my inventory. Now, this happens all the time and isn’t a big deal. Let it duplicate and fill up my inventory – I don’t care. I’ll just teleport out after I’m done and die to drop them all.

About an hour after this random event, I guess I hit a hot streak and all the skeleton monkeys are dead and haven’t respawned yet. So I thought, “Might as well take this chance to actually open these Strange Boxes”. I turn into a monkey, flip off my prayer and open a box. Two seconds later, a skeleton monkey spawns, hits me, making me go out of monkey form and closes the spinning box interface. All 9 of them decide to spawn at the same time.

Time to go. I teletab out and restock. Hey, where’d my monkey greegree go? Thought about it for a while, then realized that because my inventory was full of those Strange Boxes when the skelemonkey attacked me, the greegree got ripped from my hand and onto the floor.