Mod mark:scrap runescape eoc

Every person I have talked to in-runescape gold game does not like this system, it may only be a small percentage but the number of people actually playing this game daily seems to have decreased aswell.

Please can another poll be released asking two simple questions, bring back the old combat system or stick with the EOC?

Yes the EOC has a few positives but I think the general feeling amongst players is that the old system was much better, especially with prayer and summoning being linked to combat. Sometimes simple is just better. The fact is most people who don’t like this system have shifted to 07 old school, which has actually left the EOC servers much more bare. It has obviously caused a divide amongst players, I just don’t get it.

People have been asking for a poll for so long, I doubt Jagex will listen, everything negative towards EOC is disregarded as the loud minority. however it is a bit unfair to say everyone you’ve talked to doesn’t like EOC, I know people who like EOC but given the option would go back to Pre-EOC. but there are also a lot of people who do like EOC. I do believe though, given the option, most would vote for Pre-EOC back.

I still hope one day we will all be able to play the game we once loved without needing to rebuild our banks and stats.

The main problem with the EoC was that it was rushed, and half-assed. I agree that combat desperately needed some sort of “evolution”, but the brokenness of the new combat system is so absurd that it should have stayed in beta until the release of RS3.

Jagex isn’t helping either. I haven’t seen them trying to fix the EoC’s problems for quite a while now. I wouldn’t say that they gave up, because if they did, they would have removed the EoC, but they can certainly do better than this.

At least a 1 year beta was necessary, I’d say.

As for the poll, I doubt that Jagex will make one. When the EoC was on beta, they actually made a poll, and only 20% of the players voted that they didn’t like, 25% voted that they liked, and the other 55% said that they were unsure or didn’t do combat.

However, the didn’t do combat part was a very small %, also the poll didn’t take in EVERY player, it was hidden at the bottom of the page and was only a small sample size.

However, what if the majority of this unsure % diecided they don’t like the EoC at all now, and are now sure they don’t like it?Then there would be a lot more against runescape EoC than for EoC.Another poll with 2 simple answers is the ONLY way to determine what side is the majority.Front page poll with in-game notification plz.