Plans to get new runescape players

I completely agree! The cinematic trailer was not enough in my opinion, and a game-play focused advert MUST be implemented to the web. I’m not going to dictate what a successful company should do but I would suggest a team dedicated to advertising the game to the world, as a company you should not rely on word spreading alone, you have to give it that little push

I’d like to start of by saying i’m not a completely new but very much an old player on a new account.

Upon starting fresh this my 5th day and i’ve noticed that it’s is much more empty than it use to be, this of course as most of you know is due to some “major” updates of which the reason why I have returned runescape. Here in this thread im going to share with ideas to increase the amount of new players coming into the game.

Sof (squeel of fortune) and solomans general store where not as bad as people made them out to be and honestly gamer’s of others community’s would not have moaned as much as this community did, for example let’s take a look at Lotro (lord of the rings online) which recently in last few months introduced “Hobbit presents” which work almost exactly like the sof, Purchasable with real world currency and received daily/weekly (depends on the tier of present) and solomans general store is just like other successful company’s shops like Lol (league of legends)the ability to change champions skins purely cosmetic. Except of course the extra bank slots which went to the f2p section any ways so it was almost useless.

The eoc (evolution of combat) was not a bad update, the game is modernizing one step at a time. Beginning with eoc followed by Runescape 3 Gold with it’s improved graphics and customizable interfaces, thus these updates removed all the haters and players that made this games community infamous, allwoing new players to take their place which obviously didn’t happen. Why? not because the eoc terrible but it lacks the advertisement necessary all you have is a bunch on people whinging which doesn’t look good for any game.

So my suggestion is to get gaming websites to do an updated review of runescape when version 3 is released in 12 days because on their website it’s not even correct it’s still that bad looking game of the past on both Mmo hut and Mmo Bomb.

I suggest getting mmo hut to make a p2p version review/let’s play.and for Mmo Bomb to make a f2p version review/let’s play.

Because I remember you tried advertising on tv not long ago and I see Old school runescape ads on ***** occasionally.So why not get it advertised where gamer’s actually go to find new games.Because this is easily the best browser based mmorgp on the web f2p or p2p.