Runescape promissory note

I just saw a Promissory Note in my bank and tried using it. I get a message saying “This promissory note has expired”. I do not see any reason why I should not be able to use it now. I don’t even know when this thing got into my bank. How am I supposed to know there was even a Promissory Note in my bank to begin with? I could have used it a while ago if it was in my inventory. It is not fair that I can’t access my experience because I never knew it existed.

A promissory note is an item granting experience that is part of the Sizzling Summer deal and is available to everyone who had been a member for the entirety of August and/or September 2012.

On 31 March 2013 the Promissory note was removed along with all Sizzling Summer Rewards. However, players could still keep it in the bank without using it, though upon trying to use it after it had been removed, would result in destroying it.