Runescape banking aurs

Hey, i’m making this thread to bring something up that i find very annoying at times. I haven’t checked whether or not other threads regarding this have been made, sorry if that’s the case.

Anyways. When having any Aura activated, if you go to a bank and press ‘Empty the items you are wearing into your bank’, the aura will de-activate, go into your bank and you will then have to wait for X amount of time for it to recharge again. Now, i wouldn’t have a problem with this, but if you try the same thing while having a Scrimshaw active, you will get a message saying ‘You must deactivate your scrimshaw before you can remove it’. I would LOVE if this was also the case with auras. I am sure there are other many other players that agree with me on this, and i can’t see anything negative about this being changed. Thanks.