Runescape my feedback

Hello everybody!

My feedback:

I have been playing RS 2007 Gold for quite some time now on my mac. As a Google Chrome user, I couldn’t play the Java version of the game once they updated it to 7 (because Chrome for OSX is 32-bit). With Safari, it would sometimes crash and performance was poor. I decided to download the game client and I was able to play, albeit with all settings in low (no textures, lighting, particles, etc.) and even then sometimes I got some low FPS.

When the RS3 NIS HTML5 beta came out, I decided to give it a go. The results are that it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to play at all. I was getting really really low FPS to the point I had to wait a whole minute for the settings menu to open, let alone trying to walk around.

Frustrated, I decided to try it with Windows 7. I used bootcamp on my laptop to install it. Let me stress this point: the same hardware, different operating system. I ran the beta again, this time with Chrome in Windows and it performed perfectly. In fact, it ran so smoothly I upped the settings to MID and still was going smoothly. Surprised, I tried the regular game and I can play it with all settings in HIGH, getting readings of 50 FPS from developers console.

To summarize: with OSX I was only able to play the regular game with settings in LOW from the downloadable game client. With Windows 7 I played the regular game in HIGH settings and the beta ran smoothly with MID settings.

Frankly, I am a tad disappointed with Jagex. They advertise the game running in any OS but there are obvious differences, at least in my case. I would like to see some serious performance improvements for OSX users. Don’t they pay monthly like everybody else?

Keep up the good work! Excited for RS 3 Gold and HTML5!!