Gimme a god worthy of followin

I can’t make up my mind regarding which one to choose.

Zaros the Empty Lord. Facepalm. Thats the best u could come up with? For those that say he gave us curses + nex sets, not true, he may have gotten curses but the nex sets were obtained by killing his general Nex(who wants to tear us apart every time- not very friendly).Got taken out by Zammy (yeah with luck, but still makes him unworthy of following). As they say, a god that can’t take care of itself/himself aint worthy of following 😛 What can he do for me if he can’t even look out after himself hahaa? So zaros not an option.

Armadyl. I dont like aviansies (actually I mute my volume for arma boss too, only time i ever mute rs). Just seems like a lesser version of sara to me with respect to his beliefs.

Seren- I hear she avoids fighting at all costs!? Then naah =) I like peace and “good” but if it means take up arms, then so be it!

Bandos… plz… does he even have one follower? One of the coolest symbols, but the most dumb and ******** and selfish one around. + we kinda beat him in that quest, so why should I bow to him?

Godless… Lame logo, lame emissary.

Zammy… all evil .. hell nah and destroy the beautiful wilderness too </3

Sara. Always seemed good, but recently he seems very … selfish in a way. He’s wise and “good” but seems cocky. And after guthix gave me some powers, sara couldn’t even tele me away like he did with nex and char. Even then, when teleing them away as they stood in attack stance, sara was like “B**** please.” Yup, the 5 letter b word (female dog). ****yyy. So if I can resist him etc, why folo (bow to) him.

Guthix… ah… u may appear as a sheep but I would prefer u over godless or seren. Was pretty badass the way u cast them gods out before

If I didn’t have to bow and folo a particular Runescape Gold, i would NEVER, but if I had to ALLY, then it’s different =)

I do want to… if only they had guthix’s logo or jsut a better logo in general lol. thinking i mite go sara or seren or zaros but then again, don’t want to cuz of reasons mentioned above :/ but i would rather take them over bandos, zammy etc.

but godless hmmm, not bad