Stay up all night world runescape events

I have decided to stay up all night in anticipation for the Battle of Lumbridge to kick off. I was hoping that other lore fanatics had any interest in doing this as well. We could set up an FC to talk in, discuss lore, and organize ourselves in preparation. Maybe we could meet up on an agreed upon world, next to the portal. The one problem with me organizing this and the FC is that I am currently stuck in Ghorrock, which causes me to crash upon log in. Any volunteers to set up the FC? I am hoping for a bug fix soon, so that I may finish ROTM in time (most likely no bug fix in time), and chat in the FC.

I don’t honestly think the world event this week will live up to our expectations in a sense of long it’ll take to complete.

I have a sinking feeling it’ll be 20-30 minutes at most if we take our time…

It may seem like alot to some but for this much hype and how much it’ll determine certain choices, I really want to be there all day and be submerged..not to be left saddened it took next to no time..

I think there will be things you can do for an unlimited amount of time.

And according to one of the mods from the most recent BTS there’s a lot to do in RS 3 Gold. So I think it will be more than 20-30 minutes. But I think it still won’t live up to my expectations since I expect a lot from this updates. And the last update I felt this excited about was kinda disappointing too (God emissaries).