Lag and more lag

I dont see any graphics diffrence was totally bummed out i got teleported away from fish guild, the lag was killing me iv played for 30 minutes now i cannot stand it anymore!!!!

* too much lag every 10 seconds i lag
* their is too much junk above the chat screen ruining the view of the world
* the chats are now totally ruined i used to liek all 3 chats in 1 chat box now i have to switch inbetween chats
* i hate the see through windows (example in the bank or back pack)
* all the options (windows) are buttons under more buttons its all too much button

and again i see no graphics diffrence i just got a lot more lag and a lot more junk on my screen, and the freaking lag is killing me!! and i dont care about your gods i dont care about them shards in backpack i just wanna fish my sharks without lagging so freaking much!!

this is costing me Runescape Money , real money i pay to play and now i dont wanna play cause of the lag do we get lost days back? and jagex send me a mail when u fixed the issues why bother me with this beta junk iam not a guiniue pig!! put old rs2 back into place and then fix rs3