The runescape return

I’m sure Zaros would love a partly decayed body. I will tie my theory into another: Imagine if Zaros’ return is based around Sliske being the host, where there will be a world event to decide whether Sliske acts as Zaros’ host or not.

After listening to the recent podcast, we hear from Osborne that Zaros’ return may be a choice, weather that be a personal or a community choice wasn’t specified..but I find it highly unfair.

Why? because two major gods have returned already, and we could do nothing to stop or aid that, why should Zaros have the chance to be halted in his tracks?

If it’s a personal choice, I can just about live with such a thing, but really, if the gods are going to start returning, wouldn’t it be best for all the runescape gold to come back without choice so every single Player can meet and see their gods after all these years of waiting and speculating?

It’s also mentioned that Zaros just isn’t floating, he’s plotting, he’s being smart, his only obsticle to returning is a body, a body is no issue, it has to be one of great power to hold his soul yes? and who do we know that has recently died and whose corpse has vanished with no trace?….Hint hint..

But I digress, If you’re going to make Zaros’ return a choice, Make it like temple of Ikov, you may choose to give him the staff or not, but either way, he gets it, why? Because it was a major plot point, just as the gods are.

Just a note, please don’t start any god arguments, this is purely on Zaros and what was discussed during the recent podcast.

f I understood it correctly, the main thing they were saying is that they see Zaros as a character that is better suited to quest content than a World Event.

As much as I’d like to see Zaros return, I have to agree that there is so much more story to him that is yet to be discovered that it would be a shame to waste it all by just throwing him out in the world for the sake of having him there.

I think his return IS inevitable, but, it being a Quest and all, some people may not *want* to bring him back, so the player has some degree of choice in that matter. However, to the question “will he come back” (in my humble opinion), the answer is yes. At least, that is what I understood from the podcast.