How will it work Divination

I believe that it isn’t just Guthix’s energy we will harvest, but the residual energy of the very presence of gods on Gielinor. This residual energy gathers into node spots that we will be able to harvest.

I think it will be something like the RuneSpan. I can imagine us, having these crystals in our inventory that we get to fill with energy from nodes, and they effectively become batteries. I also believe divination will double as an enchanting skill and we will be able to turn these crystals into enchantments we can equip in our pocket slot, offering experience, yield and combat boosts.

I’d love for a randomised minigame in the enchantment aspect just to be different. For example, you are presented with a web with a dozen or two “nodes”. You have to connect these up in such a way that lines of certain colours do not cross in order to create the enchantment.

Just to take the Runescape 2007 Gold game away from the clicking, unimaginative aspect that is all other skills.

I think it’s quite fair to assume that Divination resources will be used in the new skill, but I don’t believe the two will go hand in hand, based on everything I’ve read. I remember a quote saying that initially, the two skills were not going to be related, but they changed their minds, thus I believe Divination will be a gathering skill with production elements. Let’s not also forget that it supposedly is a gathering skill, but so much more.

I would hate to be able to gather all these resources and not be able to use them until later in the year/next year.