Runescape pm problems

After the recent NIS update, I have been having a few problems with PM.

Firstly, when i click tab or click someone’s name in my friends list to send a PM to, their name doesn’t appear on my chat box. So if I don’t know if I am sending a PM to them or not. Usually it used to say “To xxx”.

Secondly, there is a glitch that I have encountered sometimes where whether I click on the persons name, or if I manually time in their name into the FC tab, it just does not add the player. So there is no way I can PM them back at all.

This final one is a bit weird. I had this Runescape Gold player added to PM, then deleted him. Then I had to add him again to say something else but when I added him, he could continue sending me PM’s but he appeared offline to me

Can zamorak catch up

Why do you feel the way you do about whether Zamorak can catch up? In other words, why will the Chaos God win (or why can he not)? Feel free to spew venom at the other side as usually happens in any thread concerning these gods. Those of us who are interested in the topic will sift through the squabbling to find the on-topic posts.

I think in math alot, so sorry for the long, mathy post. He can EASILY catch up. If you look at the numbers alone, it looks like we’re losing ground, but the percentages show that, little by little, Saradomin is losing his lead, but not by enough. In the first week, he was losing between 0.75-4.70% of his lead in each of the days, now, that’s dwindled to a measely 0.01-0.04% per day recently… but if we can pick it up to even close to how we used to be, even just gaining 0.17% a day, we can win this. Saradomin has, as of day 2 of week six, 55.48% of the tears, only a 5.48% lead. So, if he loses 5.49% more, we win. Consider, there is 5 days left in week 6, then 7 days for weeks 7, 8, 9 and 10, that’s 33 days. 5.49/33 = 0.166. Zamorakians, pick up your efforts, the war is not lost!

I haven’t touched Divination since it started, and no offense to Jagex, I love that there’s a new skill, but it came out at a terrible time. Divination isn’t going anywhere, but this war is, focus you’re efforts on that which needs it’s attention, and victory shall be ours!

Divine location creation limit

Hello, all. I’ve been using the divine locations through the Divination skill, and I think that while it does make some sense to have a daily limit for how many resources you can gather per day from them, it’s silly that you can only make one location per day! I’m hoping to gather support for an update that would allow us to weave (not place) as many locations as we want per day, so that we can stockpile a bunch of divine locations in the bank and just withdraw one and place it every day. I’d love to see some support for this idea! Feel free to leave your ideas below.

The limit only needs to be 1 one or 2 since there is a cap on xp gained whether or not you have placed any,you can cap you xp if you place one and have enough people harvest it allowing you to gain the most or place 1 and harvest another.Its meant to be a social rewards forcing you to find others as well to share the locations,there isn’t a real need to boost the limit since the xp cap,what needs to be added is a fishing location because that is the only one left out from the whole Runescape Gold skill

Saradominists why

I’m wondering the honest opinions behind why people who chose the Saradomin side made their choice.

Is it because you know the lore and think his ideology is a reasonable one or that you enjoy it?
Is it because you just like the rewards from that side more?
Maybe your god isn’t in the battle yet and chose to support Saradomin.

I chose to participate in the battle for the unique, one-off rewards. There has been speculation as to whether or not Jagex may make the rewards available in the future through some other method, but as far as I’m concerned, we can only get them now.

Now I chose to support Saradomin, as a Zarosian, because despite Zamorak being a mere nuisance to Zaros and the faction of his followers, I want to see if Saradomin is truely redeemable in his actions, if not, I want the opportunity to at least expel him as a World Guardian. Though I doubt Jagex would let us fell a god it would be nice to have the opportunity to do that to Saradomin too.

Because I’d rather drive a pitchfork through my own foot then willingly help a social darwinist, a Machiavellian schemer/lord of empty promises, a warmongering piece of crap, and a lying opportunistic snake.

I wish to see Gielinor and it’s people protected, Armadyl is too idealistic in his thinking to do so, the Godless are an disorganized mess, and Seren’s a damn pushover. Saradomin may be strict and he definitely has anger issues, but he takes care of his own and has the guts to spill the blood of anyone who would harm them.

Protect your self, protect your friends. Mine is the glory that never ends. This is Saradomin’s wisdom.

Evolution does not necessarily choose for strength, it chooses for the best adapted. The change in animals does not happen because of the change in environment, the environment changes and the least adapted die off while the animal with the best adaptations survive. It’s a natural process as you pointed out. You also pointed out that evolution allows things to grow strong and survive, it also kills the majority of animals when a major change occurs. Zamorak does that on the societal scale with people.

Zamorak, however, is not natural. I call him a social darwinist because of his policy of having the weak either getting strong or dying through artificial chaos. His spread of artificial chaos causes hardship to the people of Gielinor, but constant strife is not beneficial, you may get strong individuals but not strong societies. Compare the country of Liberia to the country of South Africa. Liberia is a war torn hellhole ruled by cannibalistic warlords and is considered a backwater by the standards of most African countries. South Africa is an organized and democratic beacon of progress in Africa in comparison. According to Zamorak’s philosophy Liberia should be the stronger nation, but it isn’t, it’s the exact opposite. Chaos can also stunt the growth of things as well as strengthen them, but most of the time it is the former. Zamorak’s actions created the wilderness thousands of years ago and the land will never recover or support that amount of life again.

People already 89

The reason it’s slow is because xp gains scale according to your level. The speed at which you go through the levels increases progressively. Of course, so does the xp you need, making the next level take longer, but this skill is not one of those cases where you blaze your way through the first levels and once you reach level 60 you keep repeating an action to 99. You will always have a new training method and even at level 94 you won’t be gaining the max xp you can.

So they’ll get it in a week. Many others will get it in a month.

If it’s that slow, how the hell am I nearly 70 and I’m not even no-lifing it? I’ve taken several breaks for hours at a time to go Runescape 3 Gold play other games (Splinter Cell Blacklist — full campaign completed and Saints Row Iv which I’ve just started).

If you leave every five minutes or only pop in to do the Enriched, it’ll take forever to level. A little dedication, just like any other skill, and it goes fairly quickly. Higher levels do give more xp and having done The World Wakes helps a lot.

It’s not my favorite. In fact I think it’s an absolutely stupid and useless skill but as far as any of the others are concerned, it’s on par with most of them. Yes, it needs tweaking but what the hell doesn’t in this game?

And, newsflash, the damn thing has been out less than a week.

Runescape contradictory

Note: I’d consider this a recent update, as it was just recently released that they were going to hire YT video makers and it was also just released today that they’re doing layoffs.

I read 2 news stories online today that around 10 more jobs in customer support have been cut from Jagex. I really don’t understand how they can hire controversial youtube video makers(which has really irritated many Runescape Gold players) and then turn around and layoff a bunch of long time mods. It’s not just any mods either it’s some of the nicest most interactive mods in your company.

The explanation says that it’s people who were working one experimental content that Jagex doesn’t think they want to do anymore. Does this mean we’re gonna be stuck with complete and utterly boring content like Divination in future updates?

What about all the SGS and SOF money Jagex racks up daily? Surely it’s more than enough to keep these people employed? Kinda makes me wonder if Jagex isn’t facing some bigtime financial woes.

isn’t the employee count there like… 400+ or something ridiculous? Then you turn towards other gaming companies who produce products that sell in the millions to see their employee count at sub 100.

If anything they need to get their priorities straightened because their only successful game to date is RuneScape. and once jagex stops lying to themselves, I’m sure this game can be 100% in focus, managed, updated, and supported with sub 100 employees and produce the same content we have now if not better.

Think of it this way too:

300 extra employees…. means more people to pay. At US minimum wage (7.25), let’s say that all 400 employees work the same day for an 8 hour shift. So that accounts $58 MINIMUM for one person, multiply that by 400… we’re at $23,200 in one day… one week $162,400.. one month…. $649,600… *7,795,200 a year.

Obviously employees don’t make minimum wage because Jagex has some stipulations… so lets just take an average of 30k a yr salary. That’s approximately $12,000,000 flushed away in labor costs which has been proven to be effectively done with sub 100 (roughly sub <$3,000,000). Obviously that number is skewed due to different positions and what not, but some articles online have stated that some jagex employees needing to pick up second jobs because the pay was bad so it’s a decent estimate.

Needless to say, we’re wasting $9,000,000 a year to in our membership expenses to support a larger than need be company… that’s about 1.5-2.4M membership charge transactions JUST TO BREAK EVEN. A company based around sub 100 people would only cost us 377,359-600,000 membership transactions.

No wonder why we have SoF and SGS content thrown at us.. they dug themselves into a hole.

Dukes dilemma

With the way most players are voting for the top or best ( most costly ) option all the time its clear the duke will quickly run out of money due to foolish players who dont care.

Now I don’t know if anyone other player has thought of this but I would think with how fast the funds are running out for the duke, I would think by now he would be willing to accepted any donations from Runescape Gold players to help out for his projects at lumbridge.

I know this will mean that some players could come and donate say 1mil and just buy all the best choices at the voting but honestly wheres the fun in that?

To stop that from happening and really makeing it more of a community themed event there could have a player low weekly donation limit of say 1000g per player which I know for most players is not much, but at the same time could be a way for a small community based cash sink as well.

I know its not much of an idea/update that most will like but I for one would gladly give the duke some of my cash if I could because it would be well wreath it for the future of lumbridge.

thanks for reading this little idea and any thoughs or comments are wellcome.

No, when the treasury runs out Lumbridge should get screwed over because of all the noobs’ stupid choices. Maybe this and the champion vs. siege unit vote will make people actually pay attention and care rather than pick a random vote then rage when they find out that it was a poor decision that they didn’t think about.

Regardless, I don’t personally like the Duke’s Dilemma and the Reinforcements votes. Hopefully the next World Events won’t have this kind of thing, or will at least have it weighted so that people with higher quest points get more of a say.

There is absolutely no variation

Ok, so you’ve copied and pasted the same thing 9 times in different locations and giving it stupid XP rates and everything the same. How long did this take to develop, 2 days tops?

There is absolutely no variation. From level to 99 it’s the exact same thing just in different locations. It’s so pointless. Been in RS Gold for less than a day, already needs a full rework.

Well Done Jagex, you never cease to amaze me.

This helps me quit completely. I can’t be bothered to get my Comp Cape back glad my membership has ran out.

It’s not even that bad, if you liked the game that much you would put the hours in to achieve the new cape despite liking it or not. There are skills I don’t particularly like but I done them to achieve the over all goal. As it goes this skill isn’t so bad, you need to put the hours in and I’m glad it’s not too easy!

Please quit. You’re ignorant enough to tell someone who has clearly put a lot of time and effort into their account who is quitting because of the wrong tunrs Jagex have made with low quality updates, To go and start over on an outdated version of the game? You’re good aren’t you.

I almost got killed by a dead guy!

After I killed a zamorak sniper it went down, and I got divine tears and exp. But then, somehow the guy revived with 0 hp and continued to attack me! I tried to kill it but then my character won’t hit it what’s so ever. He won’t attack even with auto-retaliate on! I had to kill this zombie by running back to my base and having the archer shoot him, which exploded and hit for 1 lp. I don’t know how it is possible to take 1 lp out of 0, but I’m glad it worked.

Idk is this some new kind of event? But i didn’t get any messages in my chatbox when it happened.

I almost died when I’m skilling because I thought I killed him lol.what what does sliske have to do with Zamorak?

So does this mean Sliske is working with Zamorak? Wow if this happens more then gathering fragments is going to be a problem… I can’t keep dying because a bunch of revived invincible soldiers keep following me around.It’s just a buggy thing that happens, not intentional. I suspect it happens when a npc does lethal damage to it at the same time as you, but I’ve only had it happen a few times so it’s hard to be sure.

In any case, if you survive long enough the 0 hp thing will regen some health and can be killed, as well as the sentry method you used.

Stop spending all our runescape money

I hope you’re happy we wasted all that money on bringing in the white knights, who have worse gear than the lumbridge guards with rune swords and shields. And what do you honestly think a handful of lumbridge guards can do with rune swords?

Instead of wasting all our money within the first half of the battle, why not conserve it? Just a little bit, please?

You know what Jagex is going to do when we run out of money, right? We’re going to waste our time voting on things on how to obtain more money, which means sacrifices. Most likely in the form of time and resources. Meaning, the Duke will have to trade goods in exchange for temporary protection, or make deals/pacts with neighboring areas that might not be in our best interest in the long run. It could mean selling our land, or selling food stockpiles that would normally go to the village people.

Is anyone else in agreement with me or are you guys just intent on spending all our money in order to see what Jagex will do when it runs out?

I plead with you to do NOTHING this week.

And don’t bother with Papa Mambo, he’s just some crazy hippie with smoked some bad granola. The money will go to complete waste if you go with the most expensive option this week. If still feel the need to spend money at least give some credible magicians a chance to build this barrier instead of some dude growing weird plants.

Lastly, if you aren’t going to vote to do nothing, what did you end up voting for instead?Are you honestly surprised? Most of the community probably just looks as the biggest number and picks that. I knew all the runescape money would be gone before the event was close to done.