Runescape zamorakians are smarter

Does anybody else get the feeling that those who follow Zamorak are smarter, lore wise than those who follow Saradomian? They’re better informed.

I’ve been reading several threads and when followers of each faction stated their reasons as to why they followed their chosen Runescape Gold or why they aren’t following the opposition’s chosen God, Zamorakians always had more thorough and better reasoned answer.

Saradomin’s seem very vague in their responses. “Zamorak is evil and he wants to destroy everything!” Zamorakians, however, seem to state WHY they believe Saradomin is, in fact, evil by using substantial amounts of lore to support their reasoning. It just seems like Zamorakian followers are smarter.

The only reason why is because many players Automatically assume that Saradomin is good because of his looks and that Zamorak is evil because of looks as well. And with that assumption they make no attempt to look into the lore because of the visual effect the gods has.

A research “event” (can’t think of the right word) was conducted on how humans make determining decisions on how something is by their look. Which means when we look at something and see it as good then we come to a dicsion that the thing we are looking at is good without any thought about the actual truth. In this research they used everything from pictures, to people, to even food.

Also the main reason why is because Jagex doesn’t make any real attempt to get players into the lore. As there is no “history” lesson in the game and the quests they make always have mainly free to play players fighting against Zamorakian NPCs and having those NPC’s look evil.