Logical order of runescape updates

There are many threads asking/discussing about the release dates of the updates this month, particularly Divination. I felt I’d just make a thread to give a guideline as to what you can probably expect to be the order of the releases this month:

Week 1: Update: Obviously as confirmed by Mod Michelle on Twitter, this week shall be a no-update week. BTS Video: As mentioned from the last BTS Video, this week’s BTS will be about the new Sitxh Age quest: The Death of Chivalry.

(Beyond this point are no real facts apart from Week 2’s update. The rest is purely logical specualteion.)

Week 2: Update: The Death of Chivalry (New Sixth Age quest). As usual, the week following a BTS Video will be the release of what was discussed in the video (Except in the case of Divination, more on that later), so it will more than likely be the quest. BTS Video: Unknown, possibly two (1: Divination part 2. 2: Solomon’s Loyalty Runescape 3 Gold Store merge).

Week 3: Update: Solomon’s Loyalty Store Merge. You could say around this point, this update will most likely be released, not too big, not too small, just right for the third week’s update. BTS Video: Divination part 3? Most likely.

Week 4 (Final week of the month): Update: Divination. Based on Jagex’s behavior from the past, usually huge updates such as this are left to be released at the end of the update roster for the month. Yes the BTS article listed Divination as first, but that clearly is not the case this month (You MUST keep in mind that the BTS article is more of a GUIDELINE for the month’s update order, and is not in fact THE REAL update order). Also the fact that they stated there would be more BTS Videos of Divination and the fact that the title was “Divination PART 1”, means there will be more videos, and it just wouldn’t be “Behind the Scenes” if the update has already been released.

This thread is now open for discussion, all are welcome, even trools (But as usual, they will be ignored