Runescape zammy rip off

I believe Jagex should credit me and a friend for the way Zamorak and Saradomin are fighting one another. Several months ago, possibly six, a friend and I had a role-play where our characters shot beams at one another in the RuneSpan. They were having a duel of the ages, where they tested their powers. It ended with the two shooting massive beams of energy at one another, the energy being siphoned from the Runescape Gold nodes and so forth. As a result of this, the RuneSpan began to break apart until their energy was so much, they destroyed most of the lower floor of the RuneSpan. This is quite similar to the way Saradomin and Zamorak are fighting. Hell, my friend’s character had a beard exactly like the new and updated Saradomin.

Lol, I don’t really think Jagex ripped us off (unless they monitor the chats that closely, which I doubt), but I find it funny how two notable wizards had the same duel as two gods. This shall go down in history.

Anyways, on another note, I do not like the updated Saradomin. I believe the last Saradomin would have done just as well in armor. He didn’t need to lighten his skin tone and get a massive haircut. I mean, why does he want to look like Papa Smurf?

Yes, the gods can change their forms at will, but why would Saradomin want to change his skin color and hair? I understand why he wanted to look more muscular, but it’s illogical. Your skin tone doesn’t affect the way you perform in battle. It looks like Saradomin is two different people now.

Zamorak, on the other hand, I think he looks awesome. I mean he has to look like a superjarrat because he is one. A godly mother f-ing Mahjarrat.