Zaros one who rules us all

“Zaros wants the world to fall to mortals, like Guthix, but he acknowledges that they are not safe without some rules or control; otherwise, everything will fall to chaos. So, he suggests that he watches silently, making checks and balances to ensure ‘balance’ is maintained. He wishes to become fate itself, and control the life of the mortals.”

I found this somewhere and only if guthix met him guthix’s response about not having gods to rule over gielinor would have been different.

any thoughts?

We can not allow this Zarosian, chaos is necessary for it is the vehicle in which we will find true strength and resolve. It will be the great Zamorak who will show us the path, it will be he that we lead this world into glorious purpose.Chaos is and should remain natural, artificial chaos is uneccecary and causes only uneccecary death and misery.