Runescape champions die too fast

Both the Saradomin and the Zammorak champion die too fast. They never even get a chance to step out into the battle field before Runescape 3 Gold players gank squad kill them. I think they need more hit points.

Also, whats with the regular troops running into the opposite camp in order to insta die. I find it hard to find enough of them to kill to collect my metal shards. Also, yes you can try to heal your champion for the cost of a mere five tears, but it really doesn’t do any good.

I think I know why they didn’t. I bet the majority of people switched sides after tier 4 came out, Hence deliberately picking the weaker option so they would not have to face the tougher monster in battle from the other side.

Yep, adding more HP would be useless. I knew they would be glorified cannon fodder, and we got exactly what I suspected everyone was voting for. The siege units, on the other hand, DO reward everyone who helps kill them.

Jagex should have put together a ”Hero Incursion” event and a ”Siege incursion” event that would have occurred during the two weeks leading up to the final count (and the one that didn’t ”make the cut” should have continued after it). That way we could have seen what the units were actually capable of, instead of relying on ”speculation” on the wiki articles, and the poorly written in-game descriptions.