Stop spending all our runescape money

I hope you’re happy we wasted all that money on bringing in the white knights, who have worse gear than the lumbridge guards with rune swords and shields. And what do you honestly think a handful of lumbridge guards can do with rune swords?

Instead of wasting all our money within the first half of the battle, why not conserve it? Just a little bit, please?

You know what Jagex is going to do when we run out of money, right? We’re going to waste our time voting on things on how to obtain more money, which means sacrifices. Most likely in the form of time and resources. Meaning, the Duke will have to trade goods in exchange for temporary protection, or make deals/pacts with neighboring areas that might not be in our best interest in the long run. It could mean selling our land, or selling food stockpiles that would normally go to the village people.

Is anyone else in agreement with me or are you guys just intent on spending all our money in order to see what Jagex will do when it runs out?

I plead with you to do NOTHING this week.

And don’t bother with Papa Mambo, he’s just some crazy hippie with smoked some bad granola. The money will go to complete waste if you go with the most expensive option this week. If still feel the need to spend money at least give some credible magicians a chance to build this barrier instead of some dude growing weird plants.

Lastly, if you aren’t going to vote to do nothing, what did you end up voting for instead?Are you honestly surprised? Most of the community probably just looks as the biggest number and picks that. I knew all the runescape money would be gone before the event was close to done.