I almost got killed by a dead guy!

After I killed a zamorak sniper it went down, and I got divine tears and exp. But then, somehow the guy revived with 0 hp and continued to attack me! I tried to kill it but then my character won’t hit it what’s so ever. He won’t attack even with auto-retaliate on! I had to kill this zombie by running back to my base and having the archer shoot him, which exploded and hit for 1 lp. I don’t know how it is possible to take 1 lp out of 0, but I’m glad it worked.

Idk is this some new kind of event? But i didn’t get any messages in my chatbox when it happened.

I almost died when I’m skilling because I thought I killed him lol.what what does sliske have to do with Zamorak?

So does this mean Sliske is working with Zamorak? Wow if this happens more then gathering fragments is going to be a problem… I can’t keep dying because a bunch of revived invincible soldiers keep following me around.It’s just a buggy thing that happens, not intentional. I suspect it happens when a npc does lethal damage to it at the same time as you, but I’ve only had it happen a few times so it’s hard to be sure.

In any case, if you survive long enough the 0 hp thing will regen some health and can be killed, as well as the sentry method you used.