There is absolutely no variation

Ok, so you’ve copied and pasted the same thing 9 times in different locations and giving it stupid XP rates and everything the same. How long did this take to develop, 2 days tops?

There is absolutely no variation. From level to 99 it’s the exact same thing just in different locations. It’s so pointless. Been in RS Gold for less than a day, already needs a full rework.

Well Done Jagex, you never cease to amaze me.

This helps me quit completely. I can’t be bothered to get my Comp Cape back glad my membership has ran out.

It’s not even that bad, if you liked the game that much you would put the hours in to achieve the new cape despite liking it or not. There are skills I don’t particularly like but I done them to achieve the over all goal. As it goes this skill isn’t so bad, you need to put the hours in and I’m glad it’s not too easy!

Please quit. You’re ignorant enough to tell someone who has clearly put a lot of time and effort into their account who is quitting because of the wrong tunrs Jagex have made with low quality updates, To go and start over on an outdated version of the game? You’re good aren’t you.