Dukes dilemma

With the way most players are voting for the top or best ( most costly ) option all the time its clear the duke will quickly run out of money due to foolish players who dont care.

Now I don’t know if anyone other player has thought of this but I would think with how fast the funds are running out for the duke, I would think by now he would be willing to accepted any donations from Runescape Gold players to help out for his projects at lumbridge.

I know this will mean that some players could come and donate say 1mil and just buy all the best choices at the voting but honestly wheres the fun in that?

To stop that from happening and really makeing it more of a community themed event there could have a player low weekly donation limit of say 1000g per player which I know for most players is not much, but at the same time could be a way for a small community based cash sink as well.

I know its not much of an idea/update that most will like but I for one would gladly give the duke some of my cash if I could because it would be well wreath it for the future of lumbridge.

thanks for reading this little idea and any thoughs or comments are wellcome.

No, when the treasury runs out Lumbridge should get screwed over because of all the noobs’ stupid choices. Maybe this and the champion vs. siege unit vote will make people actually pay attention and care rather than pick a random vote then rage when they find out that it was a poor decision that they didn’t think about.

Regardless, I don’t personally like the Duke’s Dilemma and the Reinforcements votes. Hopefully the next World Events won’t have this kind of thing, or will at least have it weighted so that people with higher quest points get more of a say.