Saradominists why

I’m wondering the honest opinions behind why people who chose the Saradomin side made their choice.

Is it because you know the lore and think his ideology is a reasonable one or that you enjoy it?
Is it because you just like the rewards from that side more?
Maybe your god isn’t in the battle yet and chose to support Saradomin.

I chose to participate in the battle for the unique, one-off rewards. There has been speculation as to whether or not Jagex may make the rewards available in the future through some other method, but as far as I’m concerned, we can only get them now.

Now I chose to support Saradomin, as a Zarosian, because despite Zamorak being a mere nuisance to Zaros and the faction of his followers, I want to see if Saradomin is truely redeemable in his actions, if not, I want the opportunity to at least expel him as a World Guardian. Though I doubt Jagex would let us fell a god it would be nice to have the opportunity to do that to Saradomin too.

Because I’d rather drive a pitchfork through my own foot then willingly help a social darwinist, a Machiavellian schemer/lord of empty promises, a warmongering piece of crap, and a lying opportunistic snake.

I wish to see Gielinor and it’s people protected, Armadyl is too idealistic in his thinking to do so, the Godless are an disorganized mess, and Seren’s a damn pushover. Saradomin may be strict and he definitely has anger issues, but he takes care of his own and has the guts to spill the blood of anyone who would harm them.

Protect your self, protect your friends. Mine is the glory that never ends. This is Saradomin’s wisdom.

Evolution does not necessarily choose for strength, it chooses for the best adapted. The change in animals does not happen because of the change in environment, the environment changes and the least adapted die off while the animal with the best adaptations survive. It’s a natural process as you pointed out. You also pointed out that evolution allows things to grow strong and survive, it also kills the majority of animals when a major change occurs. Zamorak does that on the societal scale with people.

Zamorak, however, is not natural. I call him a social darwinist because of his policy of having the weak either getting strong or dying through artificial chaos. His spread of artificial chaos causes hardship to the people of Gielinor, but constant strife is not beneficial, you may get strong individuals but not strong societies. Compare the country of Liberia to the country of South Africa. Liberia is a war torn hellhole ruled by cannibalistic warlords and is considered a backwater by the standards of most African countries. South Africa is an organized and democratic beacon of progress in Africa in comparison. According to Zamorak’s philosophy Liberia should be the stronger nation, but it isn’t, it’s the exact opposite. Chaos can also stunt the growth of things as well as strengthen them, but most of the time it is the former. Zamorak’s actions created the wilderness thousands of years ago and the land will never recover or support that amount of life again.