Can zamorak catch up

Why do you feel the way you do about whether Zamorak can catch up? In other words, why will the Chaos God win (or why can he not)? Feel free to spew venom at the other side as usually happens in any thread concerning these gods. Those of us who are interested in the topic will sift through the squabbling to find the on-topic posts.

I think in math alot, so sorry for the long, mathy post. He can EASILY catch up. If you look at the numbers alone, it looks like we’re losing ground, but the percentages show that, little by little, Saradomin is losing his lead, but not by enough. In the first week, he was losing between 0.75-4.70% of his lead in each of the days, now, that’s dwindled to a measely 0.01-0.04% per day recently… but if we can pick it up to even close to how we used to be, even just gaining 0.17% a day, we can win this. Saradomin has, as of day 2 of week six, 55.48% of the tears, only a 5.48% lead. So, if he loses 5.49% more, we win. Consider, there is 5 days left in week 6, then 7 days for weeks 7, 8, 9 and 10, that’s 33 days. 5.49/33 = 0.166. Zamorakians, pick up your efforts, the war is not lost!

I haven’t touched Divination since it started, and no offense to Jagex, I love that there’s a new skill, but it came out at a terrible time. Divination isn’t going anywhere, but this war is, focus you’re efforts on that which needs it’s attention, and victory shall be ours!