RS3 capability to train

Now head to Varrock and offer everything other than your additional runes and shortbow, don’t forget to market the bones which are worth around 80gp each at the time this overview was written. Utilise your staying cash to purchase meals on the Grand Exchange (ideally red wine, trout, or salmon).


Eliminate the minotaurs with exact method until your varied degree is very high sufficient to not lose any kind of iron arrows in rapid mode against them. If you get dealt too much damages at the start after that you can hide behind the fencing and after that go over to pick your arrowheads up.

This will offer you a total amount of 20k, protective gloves, 500 exp in any kind of  (utilize it on magic, its the most expensive), and some various other things. Now go get on your own the ideal shortbow you can make use of (if you don’t currently have it) and some bronze arrows. 1-20 ranged Train versus chicks until you reach 20 ranged and then purchase as numerous iron arrowheads as you can. 21-45 ranged.

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Yet another method is to train against the monks in the monastery west of edgeville. If you are reduced on hp, these monks have reduced protection and might recover you. The only disadvantage for this is that they do not go down arrows unlike the minotaurs so it could set you back a little bit if you’re short on cash. 46-70 ranged.