How to get RS membership card

If you want to play, enjoy the complete content in river’s lake, you will have to buy runescape membership card. Because there are some of the world, only members can enter into, there are a lot of equipment only members can wear. But how do we get? Have the following methods.


You can buy RS membership card in local stores. For example, you can go to wal-mart to buy. Jagex sold in wal-mart card, but that is only limited to the United States. Wal-mart in other countries, you will not be able to buy. In addition to wal-mart, there are many other shops you can choose to buy card. There are four CARDS. Card in 30 days, 90 days card, green card and red card. Players can buy any according to their needs.

You can buy RS membership card Jagex authorization no RS gold for sale on the website. If you don’t have the time to real local store, you can buy a membership card on the Internet. As we know, you can buy in the amazon, highways and many other sites. You can check the official website you can buy a card.

You can buy some third-party sites on the card. There are many sites don’t Jagex authorization, but they can also help you get the membership card, and their prices are always lower than authorized website. Such as But when you buy from these sites, you need to provide your account password, so that they can help you. Please don’t worry about your account information, because if you choose to like Usfine legitimate web site, your account will be completely safe. They also sell runescape gold, so if you want to get rs gold, you can also choose to buy.

You can buy runescape gold membership or bonds. As we know, you can use the bond exchange member directly on the river’s lake. So, if you have enough bonds, this will mean that you will be able to gain membership. But the river’s lake bonds? Is very easy, you can directly buy from Jagex, you can also exchange bonds through rs gold with other players.