“The Elder Scrolls ” official criticism against flu was that it would strengthen


The Grand Exchange is open for self-game trading system, members and non-members can be used, it is connected to all servers This system is similar to rubbing stock trading system, buyers and sellers do not need to meet, all transactions are done automatically, fluctuations in commodity prices, with the city Once the transaction, can not go back ..

Store located on the left bank in varrock upper left, it is almost possible trading in any article, you can use this system to complete the transaction in any place at any time. Consignment system 24-hour operation, in which you can do the task of leveling can do whatever you want What, you do not delay the completion of the transaction
Before you use the consignment system required and Brugsen Bursen learn about secondhand knowledge, or else send the store where traders do not care about you.

Brugsen Bursen mail store in the south, he was the founder of the center of the trading system.
Consignment houses around, there were five staff members who are responsible for day trading quotes ore, timber, symbol language, herbs, weapons and equipment of.

However, if you still get the counter trading center, right click the staff appear
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