FIFA 15 strategy to earn coins faster and easier

fifa 15

The one thing everyone loves to do on FUT is make some FIFA coins! This is fundamental to creating a good team, and there are many ways of doing it. We are going to run through a few of the ways I know, and have used successfully.

Playing matches and tournaments
Although not the most lucrative method, playing matches is still a reliable, consistent method of making money, however slowly. You should earn an upwards of 600 coins for every won match, offline or online. However, what makes this not 100% consistent is the fact that contracts cost money, and if you are constantly playing games, your players will require contract cards to continue playing for your team. One way to increase your profit is to participate in tournaments which reward you with a coin bonus if you win the tournament which can usually pay off the contracts you used throughout the tournament, so you don’t have to spend the coins from playing games on contracts.

59th Minute Method
This technique is very popular, and is very well known. All it really entails is going to the 59th minute of auctions, and waiting for cheap Buy It Now’s to come up. You need to search for Gold players in one of the top leagues (BPL, La Liga, Seria A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1), and set the max BIN as how much money you have. It can sometimes take a very long time to get across to the 59th minute (depending on the parameters used), so a Cheat Engine can help you out (Windows only). If you’re lucky, you can get some amazing deals by doing this.

Bronze Pack Method
This method usually works better nearer the release of Ultimate Team, and is also very simple to do. All you do is simply purchase a standard bronze pack, and sell everything you do not want. It is best to start everything at 150, as putting a buy now can limit the profit you make! Some bronze players (the shiny ones with high pace), can be worth up to 20k, so watch out for these when you open your packs!

Silver Pack Method
This is the same as the bronze pack method, but with silvers. It is more risky, as you are spending more, but can lead to higher profits!

Gold Pack Method
This is even riskier than the other two, and I probably wouldn’t recommend doing it. Although, if you are lucky with this method, there are very high profits to be had!

Buying and Selling Players
You’ve probably heard the phrase “Buy low, sell high” before. This usually applies to anything that involves some sort of currency and trading, and it is no different for Ultimate Team. By looking for players who you can resell for a profit, you can take full advantage of this simple technique. I would recommend starting out with a few selected players who you know you can make money on and looking for good deals.

Gold Discard Method
This is a method that needs some money to make money with, but guarantees a 120+% return every time. All you have to do is search ‘Max. Bid 250′ and ‘Gold’ player type, and then bid 250 on as many 75/76 rated players as you can find. Once the auction has finished, you simply go to your watch list, and if you won the player, you ‘Quick Sell’ them, for 300/304 coins. Instant profit! You should avoid players rated over 77 and players in the top rated teams, as you are less likely to win these for 250 coins. I have used this method to go from 10k to 30k in a night, but it takes quite a lot of work!