In Response To The Complaints From The Open Beta Of Mu Legend

In March 2017, an open beta testing of the Korean version of the new MMORPG MU Legend began, the developer of which is the company Webzen. Mu Legend is quite an entertaining game. The open beta of MU Legend will be available in six languages, including German and English.

05116 In Response To The Complaints From The Open Beta Of Mu Legend

Richard Moon from WEBZEN is looking forward to the test phase: “After the official launch of the Korean version, we are glad to share this news with the global audience.” It is a great milestone for the team, finally the status of open beta. It’s important to note that Mu Legend Power Leveling for sale.

Even if the start of the Open Beta of Mu Legend is now foreseeable, nevertheless, some gamers complain about the long test phase. In response to the complaints, the team writes that they prefer to take time rather than pave the way. In the summer, the Open Beta of MU Legend is to be launched and is thus a further step towards the release. Why not to buy cheap Mu Legend Zen at U4GM right now?

“The first closed beta was only 5 months ago. We make sure that players do not have to wait too long and will announce more news in the coming weeks. More details can be found here:

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