FFXIV Big And Main Changes: Battle System And Class System

Upcoming Final Fantasy XIV expansion Stormblood, in accordance to Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida, he revealed the various changes that will be made to the game’ battle system as well as class system. After all, Final Fantasy XIV has been undergone some major and deep improvements, compared to previous Final Fantasy XIV, the improvements is great and remarkable. Have you ever purchased buy FFXIV Power Leveling?

05243 FFXIV Big And Main Changes: Battle System And Class System

Today, Let’s Talk About Some Main Changes For Final Fantasy XIV

Cleric Stance will no longer be used to stance dance for Healer roles to do extra damage. Instead, damage done by healers will be based on the MND stat instead of INT, and Cleric Stance will instead be a temporary buff to increase damage. In addition, upgraded spells will automatically replace their lower level counterparts and will collectively all use one action slot.

Firstly, the issues with the current system were addressed, which were mainly over complexity of job rotations, overemphasis on status icon management, and too many actions taking up space on hotbars. Additionally, the disparity between the core and casual player base was also mentioned, as well as the lack of synergy between different jobs.

Other changes worth mentioning include the removal of the Parry stat. It will be replaced by the Tank Job-exclusive Tenacity, which will raise the damage dealt by users while simultaneously lessening the damage received. Accuracy will also be removed in Stormblood, and replaced by “Direct Hit” rate. More changes details, you can head over to here: https://www.ffxiv4gil.com/.

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