Mu Legend’s Gameplay Is Built Very Much Like Diablo III

For MMORPG style gameplay such as Mu Legend, the game have great acclaimed. The goal was extremely simple, kill enemies, gain experience and get rare items. Actually, Mu Legend’s gameplay is built very much like Diablo III with more action-oriented attacks rather than just one spamming skill.

06091 Mu Legend's Gameplay Is Built Very Much Like Diablo III

The character has additional moves such as non-body, somersault to dodge the skill of the monster, speed up the gameplay of the match up quite high. These are new innovations of this game, bringing the game out of the ‘drag’ that is no longer trendy anymore. For more Mu Legend latest news & guides, check out more at U4GM.

When it comes to the graphics of Mu Legend, we have been talk a lot details at U4GM. Apparently, the images in the Mu Legend are beautifully designed, crisp and sharp, and feature the characteristics of the Mu game series, with angular character design, armor, Colorful wings and especially the dark world covered throughout the maps.

More new elements were added to Mu Legend in the near future. In the interesting process, Mu Legend gamers will be never forget to buy Mu Legend Zen, furthermore, they all know that choosing U4GM is their wisest choice, since rich experience from U4GM is what they want to.

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