Do You Want the Best Tera Slayer Build?

Are you looking for a quick guide to show you how to properly build your skills, glyphs and crystals to be the most effective in certain situations, you have come to the right place. Remember that this guide only covers one small aspect of Slayer. If you want a complete Slayer guide to show you the perfect build and how to fully maximize your character in various ways. Don’t forget to from to tera gold buy, which is the best choice for tera gold services on the market!

Tera Slayer Build

Slayers are a blend of mobility and high damage output dancing around foes with their massive weapon they wade into battle flinging enemies left right and centre like a dervish swinging his sword in powerful arcs and dodging his enemies with gracefull poise. A slayer that does his job properly is one that plays with aggressive swordplay and evasive moves wide sweeping slashes and agile dodges to put himself behind his foe the leaping backflip to stun his enemy.

Whirlwind is an early level skill that you will be able to unlock. It is an AOE attack in which your Slayer will spin around quickly in 360 degrees with their sword. In order for this attack to be performed successfully, you must spend 1.5 seconds casting the attack without being interrupted. This is a great attack to use if you are trying to hit multiple targets from all directions. The power rating of this attack is 1966, cost 250 mana to activate and has a cool down of 14 seconds.

Glyph of Brilliance : This glyph will decrease the mana consumption of Whirlwind by 63. This is a good glyph to use since as a Slayer, you won’t have a huge mana pool to spam all the skills that you want.

Overhand Strike is a very powerful attack that takes a rather long time to activate. It has a power rating of 1238, costs 130 mana to activate and has a cool down of 5.5 seconds. To fully utilize Overhand Strike, you should use it after Whirlwind or your fourth blow of your basic attack. The speed increase of this skill is very useful when used within a combo attack.

Glyph of Persistence : This glyph gives a 50% chance that the cool down of Overhand Strike will be eliminated every time it is used. A good glyph to consider using when you need to deal heavy damage to difficult mobs.

Glyph of Restoration: This glyph will restore 3% of your HP when Overhand Strike is activated. A nice glyph to consider for increasing sustainability on the battlefield.

Leaping Strike is an attack that you have that has the potential to deal huge amounts of damage. When activated, you will pounce on your foe and smash downwards. If the enemy is knocked down after you used Leaping Strike, you will score a 5x damage multiplier, which will result in heavy DPS. Leaping Strike has a power rating of 256 (plus the 5x damage multiplier if target is knocked down), cost 200 mana to activate and has a cool down of 7 seconds.

Glyph of Brilliance: This glyph is an important one to consider as it reduces the mana consumption of Leaping Strike by 50. Although it might seem like a lot in reduction, this extra 50 mana you save can go towards spamming other skills.

Dash is a pretty self explanatory skill. I added this ability within my DPS build because of the mobility that it adds. This is an extremely useful ability that will increase your movement speed temporarily by 75%. This will allow you to either catch up to bleeding enemies or escape dangerous situations when you are hurt yourself. Dash costs 100 mana to activate and has a cool down of 25 seconds.

Glyph of Energy: This glyph reduces the cool down on Dash by 25%. This might seem like a small reduction, but the 25 second on Dash is quite a bit. Take this glyph to enable your character to always have Dash ready for whatever comes your way.

Backstab is an extremely useful DPS skill that is unlocked during end game levels. This ability allows you to dash in behind a target and attack them with such force to immobilize them. It has a power rating of 921, cost 130 mana to activate and has a cool down of 20 seconds.

Glyph of Energy: This glyph will decrease the cool down of Backstab by 20%. As I have said before it is important to be able to spam all your effective DPS skills as frequently as possible, so this glyph should be considered. Having the right crystal build for your Slayer in Tera is just as important as the right skills and glyphs. Below, I have outlined the crystals that I find to be the most effective for your weapon and armour DPS situations.


Top Stat Roll:
Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2% –
Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters
Preference based, typically on short fight/Harrowhold Phase 4 you would take Enraged Damage and Cooldown Reduction for longer fights.

Bottom Stat Rolls: Standard Bottom Line Rolls
Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2%
Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters
Increases damage by 6.9% when attacking from behind
Increases damage by 6% (take out this line if you do not have Frostmetal or Stormcry)

Tera Console Slayer Gear Build

The builds above for the Tera Slayer should be used as a guideline. The reason I say this is because these builds are targeted towards my own personal preference, play style and of course builds are never set in stone. Builds for your Slayer will always change depending on the situation/scenario you are in and also differs depending on factors such as your own play style, equipment and hot keys. I hope this tera guide can help you, more tricks and tips, you can visit our website

PoE 3.3 Ranger Deadeye Builds

The Deadeye is an offense-oriented class that focuses on projectile harm and region of impact. This class is naturally suited for bow attacks, but the majority of its modifiers apply to any projectile, which means most projectile attacks (like these fired from Wands) and some spell projectiles also benefit from them. Within this Post, U4gm Will share 3 PoE 3.3 Ranger Deadeye Builds for you personally!

[PoE 3.3 Build] SPECTRAL SHIELD THROW DeadEye (100% Phys and 90% ELE. 800k-1M DPS REALISTIC GEAR)

That is certainly with all buffs up and with Frenzy charges of Blood Rage and Ancestral Protector up.
Even without having Ancestral Protector and without having possible Blood Rage still appears decent.
About attack speed: I know that it would feel slow comparing to crazy duel-wield raiders and gladiators as APS is fairly low as we can’t use insane double foils and such. But I believe the damage is still there, although it’s not super crazy.

The first version is actually a 100% pure Phy’s version with potentially altering to Slayer for leech or Duelist (for bleeds).
2 Chains. 6500 life.

FOR 5L: Drop Added Fire
The second version base skill tree isn’t completely mine, but I added items and added nodes. It’s a 90% Phys to Elemental Concentrate Support conversion with additional ELE harm scaling (significantly like classic Frost Blades build). Elemental Overload is there for now, but crit possibility is low, so I’m nonetheless undecided if it really is worth it or not.
Also has more than 7k life since it goes to life wheel.
Three chains. 7200 life.

UPDATE 04/03/2018: Added Frost Bomb debuff on CWDT, Ancestral Protector, Frenzy Charges and Blood Rage and also for as Lightning Golem. Added crit flask to Phys Setup. Switched gloves to Winds of Transform.

I also confirmed with Openarl (developer of Path of Creating) how appropriately Gloomfang interacts with Chains and Richochet. It really is all fascinating, but PoB works properly. The Chaos increase per +1 chain on Gloomfang out damages 10% more damage for “unused Chain” from Richochet.

Creator: Angry_Roleplayer

PoB Link:
PHYS: (6500 Life)
ELE: (7200 Life)

Example Link:


[PoeE 3.3 Build] Kinetic Blast Deadeye [Magic Locate Speed Mapper]

Deadeye boosts every single part of Kinetic Blast. The added projectile performs for both phases of KB, the additional location of effect is massive for developing overlaps in harm, accuracy, and projectile speed all aid us in generating Kinetic Blast the most beneficial it may be.

I am curious, I have rerolled into KB since SST just..was not as much as par, and I love it so far.
I’ve observed fairly a couple of in the top (non-MF mind you naturally) KB’ers, run their KB inside a Thunderfist and also a single Barrage target in their Queen.
Any concept why? I may well be missing something; I really feel my KB does as much harm single target at level 83.

Rapidly and Strong. One particular tap packs. Fly through maps. Kinetic Blast clears every little thing on your screen. And at times factors around corners or off-screen.
Magic Discover. Does not take substantially for this build to be sturdy. You’ll be able to realistically use KB on as small as a 4-link or (most barrage-for-single-target-setups currently do this). The combo of speed clearing and stacking Improved Item Quantity (IIQ) make this building best for chaining maps.
Single Target. When the boss is against a wall or around mobs, then KB shreds.
Evasion and Dodge. Without the need of obtaining as well a great deal into the nitty-gritty, these items are comparable but distinctive defensive layers. If you would like an in-depth explanation to visit the Inquiries section. The quick of the long is the fact that we seldom get hit twice in a row and when combined with a higher leech and leech rate we top off before taking another hit.
Far Shot Playstyle. That is definitely the opposite playstyle of Point Blank. By nature, standing further away from the harm will mean you die much less.

Not an excellent “all-around” build. This build isn’t developed to determine each of the content material inside the game. I produced this build in 3.1 with the aim of getting a fantastic Shaped Vault farmer.
Need to reroll some map mods. Reflect is just not achievable and Prevent Ailments is doable but much less satisfying as a result of Herald of Ice shatters.
Single Target. If the boss isn’t against a wall or not about other mobs, it can be a pain.
Have not tested Hardcore. Most likely not hardcore viable. I would not wish to roll a dodge primarily based character in Hardcore. You’d possibly choose to go max block or life stacking at which point you are losing out on lots of good quality of life that this build is made for.
Could be high budget. It depends upon how high of content material you would like to farm. Balancing life pool, defense, and IIQ will dictate how high of maps you may run. Insane Jewels and Headhunter can min-max this build, and you could effortlessly invest over 200 exalts.

Creator: thi3n

PoB Hyperlink:

Skill Tree:

Example Link:


[PoE 3.two Build] Deadeye barrage attack speed shenanigans build

The actual attack speed version with legacy barrage enchant, and some +1 arrow corruptions hit a max of 16 projectiles per attack with 32.47 attacks per second.
= 519.52 projectiles per second = 31,171.two projectiles per minute = 1,870,272 projectile per hour

The mass projectiles per attack version with legacy +2 enchant, corrupted legacy +5 Attain of your council, and three volley fire jewels can get you to 32 total projectile per attack with 15.53 attacks per second.
= 496.96 projectiles per second = 29,817.six projectiles per minute = 1,789,056 projectile per hour

in case you go between the two and make use of the barrage jewels devoid of the legacy reach, it is possible to get 28 projectile per attack with 30.85 attacks per second
= 863.8 projectiles per second = 51,828 projectile per minute = 3,109,680 projectiles per hour

in case you optimize the tree, you might get one particular extra jewel in, but this seems attractive since it is.

For those who go with molten strike instead of the barrage and use Varunastra swords or Ngamahu’s Axe and go multistrike + ancestral call that could be some considerable numbers at the same time

Creator: malmal21

PoB Link:

Instance Link:


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