How to Keep your Runescape Account Safe


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Unfortunately, there are people on Runescape who would rather scam players out of their hard-earned gear than play the game by the rules. However, the only way these people can take advantage of you is if you let them, either by being careless or not keeping yourself informed. Here is a quick primer on keeping your Runescape accounts safe and scammer-free.

Be mindful of what people are asking for. There are lots of people, especially in the beginning area, who beg for free stuff. NEVER give them your account password! The game creators, Jagex, will never ask for your password in-game.

Have your friends create separate accounts. This is particularly important if you have a paid Runescape account. The last thing you want is for someone you thought was a friend to make off with your credit card information.

Report harassment. If you find someone behaving as they shouldn’t, first ask them politely to stop. If they persist, use the “Report Abuse” button at the bottom of the screen. This will alert the in-game authorities, who will deal with the problem.

Be courteous yourself. Potentially dangerous conflicts can often be avoided by polite behavior. Scammers will have less reason to scam you if you brush them aside politely and continue on with the game. Giving them a hard time can result in constant spamming and diminished enjoyment of the game.

Use the Ignore List (the red frowny face button in the interface) to stop irritating people from bothering you.

Switch servers to a less-populated realm if you find yourself being constantly harassed.

Easy Tips to Reinstate Your RuneScape Account

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“RuneScape” is a multiplayer role-playing game available from Jagex and is playable directly in your computer browser. If you misuse the game or violate the game’s terms of service, Jagex may ban your account. Occasionally Jagex mistakenly bans players for misunderstandings. Fortunately, Jagex offers an appeal system that allows you to appeal any bans and even offers an opportunity to some players to pay a fee to reinstate a legitimately banned runescape accounts.

Step 1.Open your browser and visit
Step 2.Click “Log In” in the upper right corner of the page. Enter the email address and password associated with your “RuneScape” account into the available fields. Click “Log in Now.”
Step 3.Hover your mouse over the “Account” tab and click on “Account Management” from the drop-down menu.
Step 4.Scroll down and locate the “Appeal Offense” section on the page. Click the “Appeal Offense” button.
Step 5.Scroll down to the bottom of the screen; a list of offenses warranting the ban will appear. Click the “Appeal” button next to each offense to appeal it.
Step 6.Click the option next to “Someone else had access to my account” or “I think customer support made a mistake,” based on your particular situation and the reason for the banned account. A new page appears.
Step 7.Type in any relevant information for why you believe the ban was a mistake and further explain the situation into the message field.
Step 8.Select the “Yes, I understand that my account may be locked and wish to appeal this offense.” Click the “Submit” button. Wait for Jagex to contact you through email letting you know if the appeal is accepted or denied. If denied, Jagex may give you an opportunity to pay a fee to have the account reinstated. Note that this is solely at the discretion of the developers.

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You can survive without runescape gold before level 3

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In “RuneScape,” you can survive without runescape gold as a new character, but once you reach higher levels, gold will be more of a necessity than an option. You’re going to need gold in order to advance in the game. You need thousands, sometimes millions, of gold pieces to buy armor, weapons, runes, food, ores and more. Fortunately, you can earn gold easily in the “RuneScape” world. You will make more gold if you have high skill levels, yet even a level 3 player can earn gold with ease.

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Go to the pen in Lumbridge or Falador and kill the cows. Collect their cowhides and bank them. Once you collect 100 to 500 cowhides, sell them for 150 rs gold pieces each. Turn the cowhide into leather (180 gold pieces) or hard leather (200 gold pieces) for extra profits

Complete the “Rune Mysteries” quest in order to gain access to the Essence Mines. Buy a pickaxe and go the Essence Mine located in Varrock. Mine rune essence or pure essence and bank about 100 to 500 of them. Sell the rune essence for 25 gold pieces and the pure essence for 150 gold pieces. You will mine pure essence randomly, and will harvest rune essence most of the time.

Kill chicken in Lumbridge or Falador .U can kill these chickens quickly, since they have very low hitpoint.Collect the bones and 5 to 15 feathers per chicken.Sell the bones for 80 gold pieces and the feathers for 12 gold pieces each.

Mine iron ore and coals and make them into steel bars using a furnace.Buy or mine iron ore and mine twice as many coals.For example,if u mined 500 iron ore,u would get 1000 coals.Sell the steel bars for 718 gold pieces each.

But there is something we need pay more attention to The value for each item is as of a long time ago. The prices for each item fluctuate every day, usually only by a few gold pieces. Check the Grand Exchange, which is located on the “RuneScape” website, for up-to-date prices.

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Recently Jagex announced the Citadels Expansion for the venerable and ever-popular RuneScape.

Recently Jagex announced the Citadels Expansion for the venerable and ever-popular RuneScape. Aimed squarely at giving Clans a place to live, play, and design their own content (you read that right), Citadels is looking like a massive addition to an already epic game. Managing Editor Bill Murphy got the chance to sit down with three of the game’s designers and talk about the expansion. Clans have always been a big part of the RuneScape Gold player community, but one we hadn’t until recently provided much support for in terms of content.

images (9)

Clans are great for an MMO, players in a community that they have bonded with will want to stay in that community, even if they tire of the scripted content. An MMO with a thriving clan community is a healthy MMO. So in April we released the systems to allow clans as an in-game concept, and Citadels is using that infrastructure to give clans some amazing content. We can now provide clans with a whole load of things that were impossible before – A home of their own, in game goals and rewards, ways of displaying clan status and identity. The various aspects of the Citadel will give the Clan community reasons to recruit and organise, and reward them for their efforts. So the aim is to give a boost to the clan community, and to give fun reasons for more players to get involved in social play.

At one time, listings for RuneScape gold and other items on auction sites were very easy to find. Once placing the winning bid on an auction, the buyer would be instructed to meet the seller in the game’s virtual world to receive the gold. However, this method became very scarce once Jagex increased efforts to find and eliminate gold sellers.