The Best Places to Get 99 Runescape Defence Fast

As featured in the both the 99 Attack guide and the 99 Strength guide, the best places to train Defence in order to runescape gold, or any melee skill in Runescape; is either at Giant Spiders or Bandits.

runescape defense

The first place many people train, once they become serious about training to 99 Defence, is at giant spiders. To learn everything you need to know about training at the Giant Spiders training spot, please check out The Giant Spider Training Guide.

Although Giant Spiders are a great way to get easy and fast experience when training to 99 Defence, seeing the same green level in the Stronghold of Security and hundreds of “giant” spiders crawling around may become redundant. Another great place to train is at Bandits.

Training at Bandits does cost a little more than training at Giant Spiders; however, Bandits provide slightly higher and more consistent experience. For all the information required to know how to train at Bandits, please check out The Bandit Training Guide.

Runescape Seasonal HiScores Report

We’ve currently got a few Seasonal HiScores which launched with runescape gold and are running live in the game now; they were created in order to test the water and see how you guys reacted to them, see what worked and what didn’t etc. It appears they’re going down really well (which is great), however it’s not enough – we need to keep going!

Runescape Seasonal HiScores

In order to continue the momentum, we need more Seasonal HiScores and while we’ve got a bunch of ideas here at Jagex we really want to see what you guys are interested in competing in. So I’m calling for you, the players, to put forward ideas you have for new Seasonal HiScores. They could be PvM based HiScores, PvP based HiScores, skilling based HiScores – anything really. We currently don’t support any HiScores based on “time” (so doing something the fastest, longest etc.), but we will do in the future – so please feel free to suggest HiScores based on a “time” based mechanic.

If you haven’t already competed in the current Seasonal HiScores, make sure you get involved! There are no requirements to enroll in HiScores (other than being a member) – just pick the HiScore you want to partake in, read it’s description to ensure you know what needs to be done, then start playing!

I’d also like to remind you, that once an occurrence of a HiScore finishes – if there are cycles remaining, you’ll be able to partake in the next occurrence which starts from scratch; all scores will be reset.Enough rambling from me anyways, please post your suggestions in this thread and we’ll go through and see how feasible each one is. We may even post a poll for you guys to vote on which Seasonal HiScore goes live next!

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Firstly,Go into the wilderness and find ore to mine. Ore can be sold at local stores for 100 gold pieces per rock. There is literally an inexhaustible supply of ore in the world of Runescape, so all you have to do is be diligent and keep looking for ore and you will never run out of gold.Secondly,Hunt down Hill Giants in the wilderness. Hill Giants produce a kind of reward every time you kill one called Hill Giant Bones. These bones can be sold at local stores for 300 gold pieces. Like ore, there is an inexhaustible supply of Hill Giants, but they are also very difficult to defeat and will often attack you en masse.Thirdly,Hunt down Hill Giants in the wilderness. Hill Giants produce a kind of reward every time you kill one called Hill Giant Bones. These bones can be sold at local stores for 300 gold pieces. Like ore, there is an inexhaustible supply of Hill Giants, but they are also very difficult to defeat and will often attack you en masse.

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You can survive without runescape gold before level 3

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In “RuneScape,” you can survive without runescape gold as a new character, but once you reach higher levels, gold will be more of a necessity than an option. You’re going to need gold in order to advance in the game. You need thousands, sometimes millions, of gold pieces to buy armor, weapons, runes, food, ores and more. Fortunately, you can earn gold easily in the “RuneScape” world. You will make more gold if you have high skill levels, yet even a level 3 player can earn gold with ease.

images (16)

Go to the pen in Lumbridge or Falador and kill the cows. Collect their cowhides and bank them. Once you collect 100 to 500 cowhides, sell them for 150 rs gold pieces each. Turn the cowhide into leather (180 gold pieces) or hard leather (200 gold pieces) for extra profits

Complete the “Rune Mysteries” quest in order to gain access to the Essence Mines. Buy a pickaxe and go the Essence Mine located in Varrock. Mine rune essence or pure essence and bank about 100 to 500 of them. Sell the rune essence for 25 gold pieces and the pure essence for 150 gold pieces. You will mine pure essence randomly, and will harvest rune essence most of the time.

Kill chicken in Lumbridge or Falador .U can kill these chickens quickly, since they have very low hitpoint.Collect the bones and 5 to 15 feathers per chicken.Sell the bones for 80 gold pieces and the feathers for 12 gold pieces each.

Mine iron ore and coals and make them into steel bars using a furnace.Buy or mine iron ore and mine twice as many coals.For example,if u mined 500 iron ore,u would get 1000 coals.Sell the steel bars for 718 gold pieces each.

But there is something we need pay more attention to The value for each item is as of a long time ago. The prices for each item fluctuate every day, usually only by a few gold pieces. Check the Grand Exchange, which is located on the “RuneScape” website, for up-to-date prices.

Many more changes are all improved Runescape

images (6)

Through the beginning of 2014, Jagex has done a lot for Runescape. Revolution combat, small changes to the veteran community to allow them to wear capes in F2P, and many more changes are all improved Runescape. Besides, they are showing that Jagex has really been going in a really good direction. Along with all those Runescape and rs gold updates, what’s your opinions?

The following is a summary of some people’s point of view:

Tutorial Island is already good for us.
Although Tutorial Island was removed from the game map on 2012, some players still think the new tutorial has some sense of excitement. As for some rs gold advices about coloring the tutorial graphics, does that really necessary? A dark tutorial has already failed any way. The current graphics are already far better than the old set. Every people completed the tutorial and had time on the mainland means more tutorials in the form of the Blood Pact quest which teaches players the combat triangle.

Please do some updates fo rs interface.
For some players who have played runescape for 10 years may think that the new interface system in rs 3 is absolutely horrible. The interface is expected to be convenient for finding something fast. However, the new interface system is not the case in many situations. It’s an absolute mess and it takes far too long to learn every corner of it. Can you imagine how frustrating it would be for a new player? Therefore, it’s now confusing for new players to learn the interface system. Besides, some elder players also cannot adapt to the new system.

We do like the combat system, but it does need more updates.
Since the evolution of combat was released on 2012, it’s already billed as one of the largest content updates in runescape’s history. The evolution has brought a variety of new content including powerful abilities, new equipment and so on. However, players are still not satisfied with that, and they still think the combat system is boring. There is a player said that he got to do in rs 3 is only click one button cause he only has one ability. Therefore, what he essentially is asking for is the point further ahead in the game where they are able to have more abilities, not an even simpler system than before.

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It was runescape gold that can improve your runescape skills

Last week, Mod Mark posted a thread on our forums highlighting some of the nostalgic and often passionate discussions within the community around a desired return of an ‘old school’ version of Runescape Gold. Specifically, the fine vintages of 2006 & 2007 appeared to be the high point of collective interest. Our team then set out to see if we had a backup that went that far back; if restoring the backup was even technically possible; and what specific content these potential old RuneScape backups might contain.

images (22)

The team has spent many late nights and the past weekend digging through dusty old backups and restoring them, in the hope of finding more than just the old IT manager’s MP3 collection of 80s rock power ballads!

Finally, I’m very happy to report that we have indeed managed to recover a full RS 2007 Gold backup from August 2007. This is a complete snapshot of the game, which we have been able to verify would work, with some time and effort invested in it. Ironically, in October 2007 we actually changed our backup systems, so we have no complete content versions from August onwards that are viable for this purpose.

As I said at the start of the year, we’re all very focused on making this year fun, memorable and special to you, and a significant part of realising this mission is giving you a big say in what we focus on. That said, a huge amount has either changed or been improved since the heady days of 2007. The game has evolved, as have our tech, systems, and infrastructure. There will be a substantial amount of work involved to get these ‘old school’ servers back up and running again. However, if enough people support this project, this will be neither unachievable, nor a hindrance to the main game.

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As a player, I’ve got some great memories from this year: valiantly battling Armadyleans in Runescape Gold; diving back into Dungeoneering to get my Daemonheim auras; and completing each of the Super Challenges in Super September. I’ve run the cannon gauntlet in Birthright of the Dwarves; made tough choices while face-to-face with Guthix; and added Sinkholes, Player-Owned Ports, Warbands and God Statues into my gameplay routine.

download (1)

As a JMod, I look back fondly on meeting players at RuneFest: watching the community’s reaction to the big reveals from World Wakes and the Battle of Lumbridge, tracking the race to 99 Divination, and seeing the competitive spirit of livestreamers when Vorago launched. I’ve also got more in touch with players via the forums, Twitter and Reddit. This is a really special time to be part of the RuneScape community, and I can’t wait to talk to you about what’s coming next.

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