Divine location creation limit

Hello, all. I’ve been using the divine locations through the Divination skill, and I think that while it does make some sense to have a daily limit for how many resources you can gather per day from them, it’s silly that you can only make one location per day! I’m hoping to gather support for an update that would allow us to weave (not place) as many locations as we want per day, so that we can stockpile a bunch of divine locations in the bank and just withdraw one and place it every day. I’d love to see some support for this idea! Feel free to leave your ideas below.

The limit only needs to be 1 one or 2 since there is a cap on xp gained whether or not you have placed any,you can cap you xp if you place one and have enough people harvest it allowing you to gain the most or place 1 and harvest another.Its meant to be a social rewards forcing you to find others as well to share the locations,there isn’t a real need to boost the limit since the xp cap,what needs to be added is a fishing location because that is the only one left out from the whole Runescape Gold skill