How to Maximize the Profit by FIFA 15 Time Method

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Even unconsciously, most of us use the Time Method. We know that, in order to make profit, we need to sell items at higher price than the one we have paid for it.The time method consists ontaking advantage of the best times to buy and the best times to sell.

How to earn fifa 15 coins with the Time Method
In a very general way, we can say that the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team cards prices decrease over time. However, their evolution can not be graphically represented by a straight line with negative slope. This is effectively the trend, but along the way there are some fluctuations.

To apply the time method you need to know when the price decrease trend inverts.If you know how to identify the events that set when the market is interested in buying (higher prices) and when it is interested in selling (lower prices), you can create a lot of profit.

Here are the steps to apply the Time Method on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team:
Step 1 – identify
The first step is to identify the event that will change the normal behaviour of the market.
Step 2 – Buy
At the times in which average prices of the cards are low, buy.
Step 3 – Sell
At the times in which average prices of the cards are high, sell.