They care about RWT when it suits them in RuneScape

The existence of the currency is inevitable trend, the game currency also plays a very important role. Do not have enough money reserves, is can’t play a game.The root cause of most of the difficulties encountered when playing games is the lack of money,where to Buy Runescape Gold to become critical.

Not everyone only cares about PKing – easily more than half of RuneScape players find it decidedly boring.If you like, its their fault that the limits came in the first place!To all the people saying that they’re going to quit RS/Bounty Hunter because of this, are the people that we really don’t want in RS.

The people that should be bothered by this is Real World Traders, but for all of us legit players, it’s great that Jagex are really going to crack down on a well-known RWT method – Bounty Hunter! Better? ahah instead of we lose what real game!!!
So in other words, before you go bashing Jagex, just remember that:Without them you wouldn’t be here in this runescape game having fun at all.

They haven’t even announced what these updates will be, so stop saying that they’re going to ruin Bounty Hunter. If anything, they’ll make them better, since it’s gotten less popular with the introduction of PvP worlds!To due away with real world trading unless you COMPLETELY remove trading,moster drops, the assist system,

Coinshare,lootshare, and any other method of transfering ANYTHING at all.I think it’s ridiculous it took them 2 years to remove it. They care about RWT when it suits them. They care about customers when it suits them. They care about the game when it suits them. They just do what they want and everyone has to go with it.I agree with everyone spamming ‘failscape’.And these words are on runescape forum. you know what players said on other forums?

When you play the game, all the time of the transaction.Equipment, pharmaceuticals, as well as special props, these players need, but no one can be self-sufficient.The players need to stop trading their excess items for sale in the purchase of needed items.This constitutes the basic form of the game market.Therefore, to rely on tasks and kill monsters reward is not enough, which is the ability to collect enough Runescape Gold is very important.