To be as basic as possible and run only what is required in RuneScape

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Unplanned server outages quickly result in frustrated players, even when they’re not paying for the service though RuneScape offers some premium features for paying customers.Although like most firms Jagex is cagey about its security and disaster recovery planning, it tells Computing that the game servers run Linux, and the firm uses information infrastructure firm EMC for its storage needs.

All important data – including that relating to players and their accounts – is replicated to its disaster recovery site, as well as the developers’ office for tape backup.Gettini explains that avoiding complexity is part of the answer the firm has found to battling security issues.

We set up our servers to be as basic as possible and run only what is required. We do have a contractor party who carries out penetration testing on a regular basis. Most of the attacks are DoS-denial of service-based, which are mitigated by bandwidth and our IPS devices.

While this policy has proved to be fairly successful up to now, he believes the government is not doing enough to protect UK IT businesses from cyber crime.I don’t think the government will ever do enough to promote or protect IT businesses, primarily because securing your assets, whether they be electronic, intellectual or physical, is typically perceived as the responsibility of the owner.

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